Bone Broth: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Bone broth is all the rage lately, with restaurants adding it to their menus and people swapping out their morning coffee for a mug of it.  And for good reason!  Bone broth has amazing health benefits AND is delicious — win, win.  This new trend may have you wondering if you should start adding this superfood to your day too.  

The short answer?  Yes.  I have all of my clients start a daily bone broth regimen when we are working to heal their health issues.  I can really see the benefit in everyone adding it to their healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether you are actively working to resolve a health issue or just want to remain strong and healthy as you age.  But, let me give you more details as to why this stuff is so darn awesome.

5 Benefits Of Bone Broth


A Strong Immune System

There’s a reason why we always turn to soup when we get sick!  The amino acid profile of bone broth make it a necessary component to building a strong immune system.  Not only will you get over a bug quicker by drinking bone broth when you are going through illness, but you also will just get sick less overall.

Healing Leaky Gut

Every day new research comes out linking the health of our gut to the health of the rest of our body.  Gut dysbiosis (a.k.a. leaky gut) is a real thing and at the heart of many illnesses and unexplained symptoms in our society today.  Taking care of your gut health needs to be a top priority for all of us.  Daily bone broth is the best way to keep your gut lining sealed and healed!  

Bone Broth is most known for its gelatin/collagen content. The word “collagen” comes from the Greek word for glue.  The slow cooking process that it takes to make broth breaks down the collagen proteins into gelatin, which provides the amino acids the body uses to make our body’s connective tissue.  Some of the most important connective tissues in the body are those in the gut lining!

Beautiful Skin

The collagen that is so abundant in high-quality bone broth also supports the skin, which is the largest organ in the body.  Not only does the collagen boost youthful firmness and elasticity, it also builds a barrier to prevent the absorption and possible spread of pathogens, toxins, microorganisms, and cancerous cells. 

Strong & Healthy Muscles, Joints, and Bones

Last but not least, collagen is the lubricant of the joints, so it is absolutely necessary if you are active and want to stay that way!  As we age, collagen production decreases making it even more necessary to drink bone broth regularly to keep your joints mobile and strong.

A Delicious Kitchen Staple

Bone broth also tastes SO good!  You can just sip on a mug of it with a touch of salt or add it to your meals.  It makes a great base for soups, stews, gravies, and sauces.  There are so many different uses for bone broth that make it easy to get your daily dose.


My Broth Recommendation


Now that you are ready to stock your freezer with some bone broth and make it a regular part of your healthy lifestyle, we need to make sure you are getting THE BEST and most nutrient-dense bone broth out there.  There is only one place that I truly recommend for high-quality and great-tasting bone broth and that is Ossogood Bone Broth.  They are the leaders in bone broth for several reasons.

You see, the thing about broth is that the quality of the bones and the ingredients used are extremely important.  This ensures that the broth is nutrient-rich and truly doing its job.  Ossogood ensures all of their bones come from Northern California farms that high the highest, beyond organic standards with truly grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised animals.  All of the herbs and vegetables are organic too.  They take all of these incredible ingredients, fill up their stock pots, and let them simmer for 24-36 hours which produces the most thick, gelatinous, and flavorful broth!

Ossogood also takes their broth to the next level by creating flavors specific to your health concern.  For example, want to work on your immune system?  Then, check out the Immuni-Qi broth.  Need some gut love?  Then the Revive The Gut broth is what you are looking for!  They take their already amazing broth and add in specific Chinese herbs to add extra medicinal properties.  

And lastly, Ossogood bone broth truly is oh, so good.  I’ve tried many broths out there.  I’ve tried making my own in the slow cooker at home.  Nothing even begins to compare.  Ossogood has mastered the art of delicious, flavorful, gelatinous bone broth.  Warm up a mug and have it as a bedtime snack.  You will sleep like a baby!

You need to check out this broth, stat!  I’ve partnered with Ossogood to get my readers an awesome deal!  When you head to the Ossogood Bone Broth website, you will get $10 off your order by using the coupon code NOURISHED at checkout.

It’s time to take this trend by storm and get your health to the next level!  




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