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This is The Unstuck Collective…


Where peace, presence, and purpose is a lifestyle.


Where like-minded women come to grow and expand together.


Where we’re all committed to finding the best version of ourselves.


Where fun is mandatory and joy is contagious.


Where no dream is out of reach.


Where life works for us, not against us.


Where peace and calm are the norm, and flow is inevitable.

Welcome, my friend!

Look at you…you’re doing the work and making massive shifts in yourself — mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Go, you!

But, there are still a few things missing from your mindset practice. Have you noticed?


A group of women who get you…


…in a safe, non-judgmental environment… 


…with a continuous stream of techniques, tools, support, guidance, and accountability from a trusted coach.

Here’s the deal:

Your mindset practice doesn’t have an end date. And, it’s not a “only-when-life-gets-bad” kinda thing. It’s an everyday, lifelong habit that provides endless growth and development…as long as you practice.

Just like you can’t go to the gym for a month and be fit for life, practice yoga for a few weeks and touch your toes to your head forever, or eat vegetables once in a while and remain properly nourished, you also can’t have a mindset practice when it works for your schedule and expect to be forever aligned and enlightened.


You commit to going to the gym to get strong.


You commit to practicing yoga to move well.


You commit to eating vegetables to stay healthy.


And now, you commit to becoming aligned with the life you want.




Your “mindset gym” membership.

This is your place to do the work.
This is your place to refine your practice.
This is your place to have ongoing support and guidance.
This is your place to find connection and community.
This is your place to learn, grow, and evolve.
This is your place to get and stay unstuck.

This is your home.

Hey there! I’m Shawn, your mindset + alignment coach. I help women get unstuck and start living the life they’re meant to live.

Hey there! I’m Shawn, your mindset + alignment coach. I help women get unstuck and start living the life they’re meant to live.

I know how it feels to miss the consistency and connection when you’re working on improving yourself.

In 2016, I got fed up. I was sick, depressed, frustrated, scared, and alone. In my darkest of days, I committed to learning how to use my mind to heal my body and improve my life.

When I was in the midst of making massive shifts in myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I felt really isolated and alone. I was no longer in alignment with those around me. I was no longer thinking, acting, speaking, or believing like most of my friends and family.

I was left to do the mindset work I was committed to (and loving!) on my own. I was making major progress, seeing amazing shifts in myself and my life, and having so much fun finding new techniques to practice, but had no one to share it with!

I craved a community of people that “got me” and understood what I was doing without thinking I had gone crazy.

Without this community, I eventually let my daily mindset practice slip.

And boy, did I notice! My mood got noticeably lower, my thoughts shifted back to non-stop chatter, my stress-level skyrocketed, and my dream life got further away.

It was then that I realized this mindset work doesn’t end. It can’t be just something I do when I feel like it. It’s an all-day, everyday practice.

Years later, I now see this in other women looking to better themselves and their life. They need a safe space to continue growing their mindset practice while also providing the connection and support of others doing the same.

And, The Unstuck Collective was born.



You love your mindset practice and want to make sure it remains a habit for life.


You’re always looking for fresh new tips and tricks to keep the high-vibes coming.


You listen to the Unstuck podcast and wish you had friends to discuss it with.


You have so many exciting things on the way to you, but no one to share in the excitement.


You are afraid of being called “woo-woo” when you talk about your latest manifestations.


You are ready to find your life’s purpose and need some friends to bounce around your ideas.


You need support when you’re inner mean girl comes out.


You are trying to make decisions based on your intuition, but aren’t always sure.


You have so many questions about limiting beliefs, vibrational energy, inner being, and intuition and no one to ask.


You want to be held accountable to your daily meditation and journaling practice.

What you get


Weekly check-ins with a new mindset focus including challenges and journal prompts


Weekly discussions of Unstuck podcast lessons


Monthly LIVE, interactive Q&A calls with Shawn and fellow Collective members


Monthly audio meditations


Monthly Unstuck book club + discussion


Access to the private, online community forum to openly share with others in the Collective — your new high-vibe BFFs!


LIVE, exclusive, coaching calls with guest experts on energy work, mindset, mental health, limiting beliefs, and more


Discounts on all future courses and offerings from Shawn


Invitations to VIP in-person Unstuck meetups and events


Option to participate in the Unstuck GIVE charity project

The Unstuck Collective is an ongoing monthly membership that will provide you with next-level mindset, energy, and spiritual coaching plus a community of high-vibe besties to support you along the way.

A life of ease, flow, love, joy, and abundance awaits you when you enter the Unstuck Collective.

Let’s do it!

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how does the membership work?

Once you become a member, you have access to both the PORTAL and FORUM. The portal will be the home for all of the weekly focuses, journal prompts, audio meditations, book club info, live call info + recordings, and all other content as it is released. The forum is the private community for Collective members to connect, chat, ask questions, get advice, celebrate, and come together as supportive friends. 

Every Sunday evening, you will receive an email with our focus and journal prompt for the coming week. You will also receive reminders about live coaching calls and special events via email as well.  


Whether monthly or yearly, the billing will occur automatically with the same method of payment used at time of checkout. It will either be every month or every year, depending on your selection.

what's the cancellation/Refund policy?

For monthly memberships, you can cancel anytime and will not be charged for your next billing cycle, no questions asked. You’ll be able to access and benefit from the Collective until the last day of your current billing cycle. There are no refunds for previously purchased months.

For annual memberships, you can cancel anytime which will prevent the renewal from taking place at the end of your membership. You’ll be able to access and benefit from the Collective until the last day of your current membership. There are no refunds for the months you have signed up for, and no partial refunds can be given. 

is the community hosted in a facebook group?

It is not! We have our own Facebook group-like platform we use that makes it easy to post, share, like, comment, and connect with others in the group without having to log on to social media. The community forum can be easily reached via phone, tablet, or computer and is a breeze to use.

What's the difference between the unstuck project and the unstuck collective?

The Unstuck Project is an 8-week self-study course designed to help you GET unstuck. Consider it “Mindset Coaching For Women 101”.

The Unstuck Collective is an ongoing monthly membership + community to help you STAY unstuck. This would be considered “Mindset Coaching For Women 202”. 

I haven't done the unstuck project yet. can I join the collective?

Definitely! Especially if you feel like you’re grasping the concepts of limiting beliefs, raising your vibration, inspired action, connecting with your intuition, and tapping into the power of the universe on your own, the Collective would be a great place for you. We will be diving into and expanding on these topics even further together in the Collective.

If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten the hang of this mindset thing, you can still join in on the Collective AND go through the next group of the Project at a deeply discounted rate! Win-win!

How much time is required?

That is totally up to you! My recommendation would be creating a 10-15 minute non-negotiable pocket of time in your day to work on your mindset practice. This can include the meditation for the month, the weekly journaling exercise, and whatever else feels good in that moment! Some days, you may want more. Some days, you may need less. You can’t do this wrong! 

I'm an introvert, I don't really like groups of people.

Welcome to the club, my friend! You are talking to one of the biggest introverts out there. What introverts don’t like is crowds of strangers, small talk, meaningless conversations, and awkward scenarios. None of that happens in the Unstuck Collective! What introverts want is deep connection with a few close friends without judgment, which is exactly what you’ll get in the Collective. This is your home. Even if you’re a wallflower, you will still get SO much benefit from what happens behind the doors of the Collective, as long as you’re there in spirit. 

What if I have more questions?
We’ve got you! Head on over to this form and shoot us your questions.

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