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Empower Intensive is an online mindset coaching series created to help you break free from those harmful, obsessive thoughts about your diet and body so you can step into a life of freedom, wellness, and peace. Each 90-minute video recording includes:
  • A downloadable, printable worksheet with prompts and writing exercises
  • Printable slide deck so you can follow along and take additional notes
  • Detailed post-session recap email with tangible action steps
  • 30 days of simple “homework” so you can implement what you learned into your own life
  • Optional participation in the Empower Intensive book club

Past Sessions

Silence Your Diet Ego

This coaching call covers:
  • The “Diet Ego”: what it’s telling you, where it came from, and why it’s keeping you stuck
  • The REAL reasons your diet isn’t working (and will never, ever work long-term)
  • The harmful impact dieting has on your body and how to reverse the damage
  • Why trying yet another diet isn’t the answer to weight loss (and what IS the answer to the body you want)
  • The steps you need to take NOW to heal your relationship with food so your meals work for you, not against you
  • How to make a permanent mindset shift so you NEVER have to think twice about what you’re eating again
  • How to replace your obsessive, controlling and fearful thoughts about food with ones of peace, ease, clarity, and freedom


Squash Self-Sabotage

This coaching call covers:
  • The REAL reason why you fail to reach your goal every.single.time.
  • How you became your own worst enemy and why you can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel
  • Why more willpower or effort-ing harder will never, ever be the answer
  • The critical signs that you are sabotaging your efforts with your health, relationship, abundance, career, family, and life
  • How to dissect what’s really going on in your head during those self-sabotage moments
  • Why it’s important to build awareness of your thoughts so you can finally get what you want
  • Your personalized, go-to plan to squash those destructive patterns next time they creep in


Redesign Your Limiting Beliefs 

This coaching call covers:
  • What your limiting beliefs are telling you and why it’s not actually true
  • Why do you REALLY do what you do, think what you think, act the way you act
  • Where your beliefs originated and why they’ve been hanging around for so long
  • How to decipher what you’re currently believing that’s keeping you from sticking to your resolutions, realizing your passions, and following your dreams
  • The 5 must-do steps to redesign your limiting beliefs so you can think, feel, and act in accordance with your goals
  • How to practice “the pause” anywhere, anytime so YOU stay in charge



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