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Empower Intensive is an online mindset coaching series created to help you break free from those harmful, obsessive thoughts about your diet and body so you can step into a life of freedom, wellness, and peace.

How It Works

Each live 90-minute intensive coaching call led by Shawn Mynar, NTP, dives deep into topics like overcoming self-sabotage, mastering intuitive eating, and raising your vibration to get what you want. 

To help you get the most out of your group coaching call, each session also includes:

  • A downloadable, printable call worksheet with space for notes
  • Interactive Q&A during each session to get your questions answered
  • Video recording of the session if you can’t make it live or want to re-watch
  • Detailed post-session recap email with tangible action steps and homework so you can implement what you learned into your own life
  • Optional participation in the Empower Intensive Book Club

Empower Intensive is exactly what was missing from my healing journey. I know this is the work I’m meant to do right now. I plan on sharing the calls with my kids and husband too!

Upcoming Session

WHEN: February 13th, 2020 at 5pm Mountain Time (90 minutes)

TOPIC: Find Food & Body Freedom (so you can stop obsessing and start living!)

COST: FREE! (normally $29)

In this mindset coaching call, you will learn:

  • The TRUTH when it comes to body, weight, diet, and food “stuckness”
  • What’s currently going on in your mind that will forever keep you trapped in a never-winning, downward spiral with both food and your body
  • Why your MIND is actually the one responsible for your dieting/bingeing/emotional eating/weight loss rollercoaster
  • How to get to the bottom of your fears, stories, and beliefs around food and body freedom
  • The key to breaking the cycle so you can eat what you want, find and maintain health, and reach your body’s happy place
  • My fool-proof 4 step process to finding freedom, confidence, and peace with food and body forever

Limited seats available for the live coaching


DID YOU KNOW: Live coaching calls are recorded and available for purchase after the fact! Take a peek at the growing library of coaching call replays. A fresh topic is posted each month.

Learn from someone who has been there, done that and come out on the other side with a whole new perspective.

Learn from someone who has been there, done that and come out on the other side with a whole new perspective.

With 11 years of chronic health issues under her belt along with 20+ years of dieting and disordered eating patterns, Shawn has recovered from it all and gotten to a new level of health—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She’s now dedicated her life to helping other women find the same place of fabulousness.

How did she do it!?

Shawn spent the past 10 years learning and implementing ALL the best tools and tricks with the intention of finding effortless health, balance, ease, and joy in all aspects of her life. She was DONE feeling like crap, dealing with constant health issues, worrying about her food intake, going through the motions of life instead of truly living, and sitting back waiting for the magic to happen (that never would).

At the lowest point in her health crisis—no energy, 40 mysterious pounds of inflammatory weight gain, and no desire to live life—she had an epiphany. She needed to DO something! And, it wasn’t going on another diet, eliminating more foods, or working out harder (her typical approach in the past). She needed to work on her MIND! She finally realized that the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and ideas going on in her head were keeping her from being the person she longed to be.

Now, Shawn is teaching YOU! Through her live mindset coaching calls, she will provide you with ALL of her BEST knowledge, advice, and action steps that helped her and thousands of other women change their MIND to change their life. 

Shawn’s ready to coach you on the tough stuff that’s been implanted in your mind from diet culture, media, and even your own well-meaning friends and family. Instead, you’ll learn the TRUTH about dieting, your body, and what’s REALLY keeping you stuck. You’ll go from feeling confused and concerned to free and insanely confident in a matter of months. Finding true wellness, being insanely happy, and maxing out the fullness of your life is at right around the corner for you.

In each 90-minute session, you will join like-minded women to discuss the things that are holding you back from the health and happiness you want. You’ll learn the real lessons and get real advice from a real person who has gone through it all, done the work, and is now living an incredibly full life because of it!


What can I expect?

Coaching calls are held using Zoom video conferencing (a free tool for participants—no need to set up an account). You’ll receive a link to the call via email upon purchase and again 24 hours and one hour prior to the call. An outline with space for taking notes is also included in the email reminder.

Shawn will discuss the session topic for the first hour of the call accompanied by visual slides. The remaining 25 minutes are reserved for Q&A, and she’ll wrap up the session with action steps and homework.

A video recording and session recap with action steps and homework will be posted in the online coaching portal within 24 hours after the call.

How is this different than the free information provided on your podcast and website?

The information on the podcast and website are for general purposes only and meant to give the audience ideas to explore further for themselves. In the coaching calls, you DO that exploration together. Because they are live, the coaching calls will be visual and interactive. Shawn will spend 25 minutes of each call asking for questions from those in attendance so you get the benefit of experiencing live coaching for yourself and your peers. You will also receive “assignments” after the call which will reinforce what you learned and help you integrate it into your life. Not only will you be learning, but you will also be applying what you learned!

How often do you run live mindset coaching calls? Are they always at the same time?

We plan to host 9-10 coaching sessions per year, each focusing on a unique and powerful mindset-related topic. Calls are typically held on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the evenings.

Recordings are always provided for those who can’t make it live.

What if I can't attend live?

We understand that things come up. Or maybe you’re super interested in an upcoming topic, but you already have a commitment on the calendar. No worries! A video recording of the coaching session will be emailed to you after the call so you won’t miss a beat. The information taught during the coaching session is just as powerful whether you attend live or watch the replay.

How soon after the call will I receive the recording?

A video recording and session recap with action steps and homework will be posted in the online coaching portal within 24 hours after the call.

I can't attend the call anymore. Do you offer refunds?

Because there are limited seats available and a call recording is provided, we don’t offer refunds. If you happen to miss the live call for any reason, don’t fret! You’ll receive a video recording within 24 hours after the session.

Will I be on video?

Everyone is muted with video sharing disabled upon joining the call. Only Shawn will be visible during the lecture portion of the call. You have the option to share your video during the Q&A session, but this is totally optional. Feel free to get comfy—you’re more than welcome to ask your question via audio or typed within the chatbox.

Do I have to participate in the Q&A?

Nope! You can sit back and soak it all in without saying a peep. If anonymous is your MO, we’ve got you. You have control over your video and audio sharing settings. Wallflowers welcome.

What are the technical requirements to join the call?

Any modern computer, tablet, or phone will do the trick. We strongly recommend joining the call from somewhere with a stable high-speed internet connection. However, if your plans change or you must be on-the-go, you will be provided a call-in number.

Check out this page for more detailed system requirements.

The call replay can be watched from any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection.

I missed a topic that really interests me. Can I purchase recordings of previous calls?

You bet! Browse the Video Library to view past call recordings.

I want to attend multiple coaching calls. Do you offer a discount or membership?

A yearly membership option is in the works. Stay tuned!

Is your mindset holding you back?

Stay in the loop on future coaching session dates and topics you don’t want to miss:

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