Showing Up For Your Business with Dr. Maggie Landes, MD — Ep. 104

In the game of entrepreneurship, it’s important to hear from others on what they’ve learned along the way. Not just from those that have “made it” or had “overnight success,” but in every stage of the game.

I love hearing from people who are a year into their business on what they learned, what they found surprising, and what they would do differently.  

In this episode, we’re doing just that! I’m talking to my friend, client, and UE member, Dr. Maggie Landes MD on what she’s learned in her first year of business as an anti-diet advocate. Dr. Maggie’s wisdom and advice from her first year are spot on and will resonate with all entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey.

“You have to find someone who’s just a little more advanced, a little further along than you are, to show you the next right step.” – Dr. Maggie Landes MD

“You have to just keep, keep, keep, on showing up.” – Dr. Maggie Landes MD

“We’re humans—we have souls and we have hearts—and when you open up the ability to use that in entrepreneurship, that is going to go a really long way and that will stand out.” – Dr. Maggie Landes MD

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4:13 – Introducing my guest – Dr. Maggie Landice

5:43 – Dr. Maggie’s backstory

9:23 – Her mantra during recovery

12:36 – How we met

19:42 – the two things about being ‘you’ in your business

31:07 – Be very judicious with your yes or no’s

34:08 – Pat Flynn’s ’Superfans’

40:51 – Things Dr. Maggie learned

42:04 – The mistakes that she encountered

50:11 – What does her future business look like

55:35 – Her final advice

1:01:48 – Key takeaways from this conversation


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