Do You Really Need An Email List? — Ep. 128

If you’ve ever heard any business advice at all, it probably included the importance of having an email list. But, is it actually true? Do you really need one? Is there any other way to build a thriving business, or are all these business experts and coaches right?

As someone who resisted the idea of an email list at the start of my business too, I completely understand the questions and hesitation. So, let’s find out if you really need an email list and if so, how you can use it in a way that feels go to you and attract an aligned audience in the process.

do you really need an email list

“The ability to make meaningful, strong connections with other human beings, that is what you’re doing with your email list.” – Shawn Mynar

“The email list is still by far in a way, the best way to build that meaningful, strong connection between you and your clients.” – Shawn Mynar

“Getting your email list started and growing is a top priority and really something that should be done day 1 of your business or even potentially before you get going in your business and start nurturing your relationship.” – Shawn Mynar

“You will know exactly what to say as soon as you get over your ego voice about your email list and really step into your own power in connecting with another human, you’ll know what to say.” – Shawn Mynar




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