It’s Time To Make Some Money! [Client Attraction Challenge #5]

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We’re mixing things up on the podcast this week! I’m hosting a Client Attraction Challenge over the next 5 episodes to help you attract paying clients to your work and build your audience full of the right people. Each challenge episode contains guidance, tips, and action steps to become a client magnet. Simply look for [Client Attraction Challenge] in the title to access all 5 episodes once they’re released. To get the complete challenge experience, sign up at and receive the corresponding emails with daily prompts and actionable step to take in your business that day.

“Are you going to be the person that sits on the sidelines of life unwilling to step out of their comfort zone or are you going to be the person that takes action even when it’s scary?” – Shawn Mynar

Client Attraction Challenge –


Hey there. I’m Shawn Mynar and this is unstuck entrepreneur. I’m a former nutritionist who turned a struggling stressful nutrition practice into a thriving freedom build online business, where I work from home in my sweatpants while reaching and helping 1000s of people all at the same time. Now, I am obsessed with showing other heart centered coaches, practitioners and solopreneurs how to build a business and life they love. Consider this podcast your safe space to learn both the inner work and practical strategies required to build the impactful profitable business of your dreams, no hustle, grind, or long hours required. That’s right hustle culture, not welcome here. Let’s get into today’s session.

Hey, hey there, friends, Shawn here. And in the next few episodes of unstuck entrepreneur, we’re going to mix things up and do something different. I have a five day client attraction challenge that I want you to be a part of, I really want you to go through five days of transformation in your business that will make it easier and more fun and more accessible for you to attract the right clients to your work. This is a challenge I hosted live, gosh, probably over a year ago. Now. It was so fun, it was a massive success. And I now want to share it on the podcast as well. Now to be a part of this challenge, there’s some work involved, you can just listen to the episodes, I mean, you can and you will get some really great information and some things to consider in your business. But there is also real work to do. And that is going to come via email. So head over to Sometime today, you can still listen to this episode, that’s fine. But make sure you get registered for the full challenge, which includes the work you will receive in the emails. So, head over there get signed up. And that will ensure you get the emails as well, that correspond with these five episodes. There are five days five action steps to take. And they will come out every other day. So be sure you listen to all five of these episodes in order. So if you’re in the middle of the five, and you haven’t listened to the challenge from the beginning, go back and find that first day and start from the beginning. So again, client attraction challenge for the next five episodes, they’re going to be coming out every other day, if you’re listening to them as they air, or just make sure you listen to all five, you will also have emails that correspond to this challenge that come along with some action steps and some real things to do in your business. So be sure to get those as well, to get those. Also, just a side note, there is some mention of a private Facebook group. That’s from when I did this live over a year ago, that Facebook group doesn’t exist anymore. So don’t worry about that part. But everything else will be so helpful for you in your business and really attracting the right people to your work. All right, let’s find out today’s challenge

Hey, hey, we made it to day five of the client attraction challenge. I told you would be a party deny. We’ve had so much fun this week. I am so proud of you for continuing on all through all five days. It means a lot to me. It means a lot to your future. It means a lot to your business. It means a heck of a lot to your future clients who will now know what you do that you can help them you will be putting yourself out there you will be showing up with confidence. Gosh, we’ve done a lot already this week and we have just one more thing to do. It is a two parter. And the first part is all about putting your self out there because people cannot buy your services. If they don’t know they exist, and it’s not enough. This is a mistake I made so much for so long. But no longer because now I know that it is not enough to just occasionally post on Instagram a little quiet post about what you do and that you have a program coming up or you’re taking new clients or stuff

sending out an occasional email letting them know you have some spots available or your program or courses open. That’s not enough. People need to very clearly know that you are open for business. They need to know what you do, why you do it, who you help, how you help them all things we’ve configured this week. So now you should be super competent in explaining this. And now it’s just a matter of doing it, it’s a matter of telling people and telling people often, we’re not doing enough as it stands right now, changing your Instagram bio to be a little more professional and switching to a business account. And putting up a website that showcases what you do and has a spot for you to do free consultations or whatever it is maybe has a fancy little space for them to put in their email address to be on your newsletter. That is not enough. That’s not enough people will not find you in that way. We have to regularly consistently and with confidence, use everything we just learned about ourselves this week and our business and our dream clients and put it out there for people to see. So with this new energetic attraction point, that is you, in your business with you getting out of your own way, like we showed up in day two, like you’ve been clear on who you help and how you help them like we did in day three. And you having this Magnetic Messaging that will guide how you talk about your business and what you do and how you help people.

This is all we need. Now the last step is to put it out into the world. And today, I just want you to practice, I just want you to let at least 10 people know about your work. And I want you to include that entire recipe, all the things we’ve done over the past four days into this spot where you’re telling people that you’re open for business and what you do and how you do it. Maybe you are taking clients or you’re going to be taking clients soon, maybe you have a new program coming up or you’re working on a program, maybe you’ve got a brand new workshop, or you have a product for sale, or it’s coming for sale, no matter what it is. Just tell at least 10 people what you’ve been working on, using everything you now know.

Now this can be by way of your social media, if you’d like it can be as long as there’s 10 people there, it can be you just texting 10 of your friends or you talking to 10 of your co workers, I have to tell you that when I first started my business, my clients were people I already knew they were acquaintances, they were friends of friends, they were friends, they were family members. And I just told them what I did, by way of my personal Facebook page and my personal email contacts, I sent them an email and told them what I was up to. And I got clients from that. A lot of clients actually. So it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You don’t have to have a giant audience. This is where we have proof, foolproof, and I am have that proof by the story I just told you that you don’t need a massive following to start getting clients and to start making a big impact and really good income.

It’s with potentially the people you already know. But I just don’t want you to feel limited to only be able to share on social media or in an email newsletter with your subscribers. It doesn’t have to be that if you don’t yet have that. There are many other ways I know you know, 10 people I know you do.

Find those 10 people tell them what you do. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get someone that wants to work with you or at minimum have a free consultation so that you have the opportunity to share more about what you do and turn them into paying clients. I really would not be surprised. So let’s do a little experiment. You tell 10 People see how many people you get back that want to work with you. Now there’s one last Bonus piece to all of this, we still have a missing piece, believe it or not. And it’s the thing that is standing between you and the impact you’re looking to make. Even if you’ve done all five things this week perfectly. There’s still that missing piece, which means you have just one final action step to take to really put it all together. So let’s head over to the audio version of the video I made for you now and check it out.

Congratulations on completing the

This client attraction challenge, the fact that you made it this far means you have a level of commitment that honestly, most don’t. What it shows me is that you’re committed to your business, you’re committed to making a real impact in the world, you’re committed to living a life of purpose, and possibility. And you want to do it all without adding more stress, struggle and overwhelm. So at this point, you might be wondering, well, what do I do now? How do I get myself in front of more people? How do I get these people onto my email list? How can I turn these leads into actual clients? And how do I grow and expand my business, so I can make a solid income while helping more people. These are all great questions, my friend. But let’s take a second to look back on the week. And when you do, you can see how much you’ve already learned. Even just in spending five days building your client attraction system, you will learn so much more about entrepreneurship in general, you now know the real difference between those entrepreneurs that struggle, and those that find lasting success, the difference between those that effort and grind, and those that find ease and peace in their business. And from those entrepreneurs that get in their own way. And those that stepped forward as the entrepreneur they’re meant to be. And chances are, you’re already beginning to see how quickly things will change for you. When you start implementing these practices in your own business. To grow as an entrepreneur from the inside out. We only have one thing left to cover here. And in this final audio, I’m going to share with you the last missing piece that standing between you and the impact you’re looking to make.

But first, I want to share with you how a rock bottom moment in my life led to my business skyrocketing seemingly overnight, because it may just help you do the same. Back in 2016, I was paralyzed by a fear of failure, I was spending my time working on a business that I no longer enjoyed. While dreaming of the business, I actually wanted to be a nutritionist with my own online practice.

My current business was in the red, I was racking up more and more debt and I wasn’t fulfilled or excited by my work. But it was my security blanket, my comfort zone. And I was afraid to let it go and step into the next level version of myself. That was more in alignment with my purpose and passion.

Until I came down with this mystery illness, and I literally couldn’t physically do that highly active business I had anymore. And so by way of this mystery illness, I made the decision to let go and trust that my dream business would be the success I knew it could be I let go of my old business. And I went all in on my passion. Even though it was super scary, even though I knew I could fail, even though it was really uncomfortable. And in just two months, I tripled my monthly income while working half the time, half the amount of hours. And I was able to pay off all of my debt that $20,000 in debt.

Now, because of this experience, and so many other pivotal moments I’ve had in my business over the years, I simply see fear, as a sign of expansion, as a place for learning and growth so that I can become the next level version of myself and experience my dreams.

Chances are the voice of your fears is taking over in your business right now. And you may not have even realized it until just now. So in my case, when I made that decision to face my fear and go all in, I had to ask myself, what’s really important to me here. And that’s when I realized I had a deep desire to make an impact and help others that I was no longer willing to shy away from and I knew I was capable of making this impact while also living a life of freedom and abundance. And chances are that’s exactly what’s drawing you to this type of work to being of service and helping others is important to you just the way it is to me.

And so it’s simply a matter of connecting so deeply to that purpose that nothing will get in the way including those stories, fears and roadblocks to your success.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you the process of uncovering your blocks so you can step into your power because the moment I face my blocks, get out of my

My own way, I trusted my intuition and made my purpose, the most important thing in my business, I increased my revenue by $200,000 in the first year alone, why? Because once my purpose became the most powerful thing, I was no longer allowing fear to Sideswipe my plans. And that’s the moment I became unstuck. When you step into this power for yourself, nothing will hold you back, you will no longer have to consider how many lives won’t be changed. Because you’ve been stuck in your fears and allowing yourself to play small. How long have you already delayed or hesitated on what you’re meant to be doing in your business? Up until now thinking maybe you need to get another qualification, have a prettier website, get more Instagram followers, or find more free time or more money before you can get started? Not realizing these decisions are just excuses driven by your fears, a fear of judgment, fear of criticism, fear of failure, or even success. And most importantly, fear of not being enough.

So where do you go from here? Now it’s time to find out what’s really holding you back. It’s not that you don’t know where to find clients or how to get them to pay you. There’s something more that we need to uncover here now. And that is your blocks is what I like to call digging. Let’s dig to see if you can uncover some of your own blocks and entrepreneurial fears. Here’s an exercise I have my clients just like you do in unstuck entrepreneur, to get real with themselves and gain clarity. Take all the time you need. You can pause this audio, write down these questions. Write down the answers, go back and visit them later if you need more time, and continue to work through them.

What scares you about being an entrepreneur? And why?

What experiences trigger this fear?

What thoughts trigger this fear?

How is it holding you back?

And I’m gonna give you a bonus question. Are you ready?

What do you say to yourself when your business isn’t going your way

that will surely dig up some beliefs.

And now you can see why doing the inner work to become the entrepreneur you’re meant to be is essential to create the income and impact you want to make without more stress and struggle. So if you do this exercise, chances are you’re going to get a glimpse of what’s really been holding you back. And what would be possible for you if that block weren’t there. So now here’s the secret. You can do all of this. Right now. There is no secret sauce, it doesn’t take a skill that you don’t have. It’s all available to you right now. And this is exactly what we do together in unstuck entrepreneur, I was a stock and struggling personal trainer with $20,000 in debt and living with my parents. And now I’m living out my dream, making the impact I want to make helping 1000s of women with their health, living my purpose and doing it all while I have tons of freedom and flexibility in my everyday life. So what changed, I didn’t continue to let my fears and blocks limit me. And you don’t have to either. I mean, if you really want to, you can just close this audio, go back to doing the things you were doing last week continuing to spin your wheels. But since you’re here, I know that’s not you. You’re choosing to step into your power and make the impact you want to make in this world. And you’re doing so without stress struggle, hustle, grinding overwhelm, because you now know that won’t get you where you want to go. And who wants that anyway, sounds terrible.

So now it’s time to ask yourself some important questions. Are you going to be the person that sits on the sidelines of life unwilling to step out of their comfort zone? Or are you going to be the person that takes action even when it’s scary? Are you going to be the person that sees problems or the person that sees opportunities?

Are you going to be the person who makes progress or the person that continues to make excuses?

Are you going to be the type of person who spent a week

In a free training that contains the keys to unlock the business of their dreams, and not do anything with it, or are you going to be the type of person who takes those keys and says, I’m ready, let’s open this door.

If that is you, I am ready for you. And I’m waiting on the other side of that door inside my business mentorship program, unstuck entrepreneur. Inside unstuck entrepreneur, I am your guide and mentor through my complete flow and grow framework that shows you how to create a successful and impactful business that aligns with the life you wish to live. So you can have both the business and life of your dreams, no stress, struggle, overwhelm or hustle required.

It’s not about the latest marketing gimmick or strategy to hack the Instagram algorithm. It’s the blueprint for the business you will create by building it from the inside out everything from stepping into your role as a successful entrepreneur, creating your energetic expression for your business, tapping into your intuition to make business decisions, attracting the right people to your work, putting your work out into the world in a way that feels exciting and authentic for you. Marketing and selling with intention, crafting that perfect irresistible offer, finding a method to share what you do authentically, and so much more. It’s taking everything I’ve learned the hard way, in a lot of cases, I must say, over the past eight years in business and giving you the tools to implement it into your business the much easier way. So you can follow your dreams now, instead of a year from now, or two, or five, or maybe even never

unstuck. Entrepreneur walks you through a proven process. So you don’t have to waste any more time and energy wondering what to do, or worrying that you’re not doing the right thing. In fact, there’s only five simple steps to take to get your business from stuck and struggling to successful and stress free. So you can fulfill your dreams while helping others at the same time. And guess what, you’ve already gotten a head start on one of them, which is the Attract pillar. Now this isn’t the only thing needed to build a successful business, we still need to look at things like defining your dream client, building rapport with your dream client, inviting your dream client to work with you, and guiding your dream client to real transformation. Those are the other pillars. So altogether, we have define, attract, build, invite, and transform.

So now it’s your time. In just a few short days, I’ll be opening the doors to enrollment for the next group of unstuck entrepreneurs, you’ll be invited to walk this journey together with a group of like minded business friends, and myself as your guide and coach. And with lifetime access your business success is actually inevitable. If you’re going to be the entrepreneur that’s ready for success, impact, alignment, joy and freedom, then this is your time to make a decision. Are you going to be the person that goes back to their old ways their old stories, their old fears? Or are you going to be that person who stepped into their power gets out of their own way and create the impact and income they desire? If that’s you, I’m excited to help you gain the confidence and clarity you need to make your business a success and your dream life a reality. In a few days, I’ll be back to let you know who’s a good fit for the program. And if it’s right for you. Until then I just want to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this challenge with me this week. It’s been such a pleasure to connect with you and get to know you better. It’s truly my passion and purpose to connect with like minded people like you. This challenge is a manifestation of all the things I love to do. And getting to this point in my business where I spend my time doing exactly what I want to do. And love to do is only possible because I made the choice to build a business that aligned and flown with me, and not what anyone else told me I had to do to be successful. And so consider how that might look for you and your life. Does it mean spending more time with your family and less time in front of your computer? Doesn’t mean being able to quit a job you don’t love so you can become the CEO of your own business? What will making this shift mean for you? No matter what I want to encourage you and inspire you to put your dreams front and center. Remind yourself of the lives you can touch and the impact you can make when you simply decide to take action. When you embrace the life of an unstuck entrepreneur, what will your life look like in three months, six months, even a year?

From now and what will it look like if you put it off

All right my friends I’ll be back soon until then take care

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