What it REALLY means to “act as if”— Ep. 18

We get exactly what we expect. If you expect to stay unhealthy, at an uncomfortable weight, sick, broke, single, stressed, that’s what you will continue to get. We do this to ourselves simply by putting our energy towards NOT having what we want, not knowing how we’ll get it, going against our intuition to try and effort our way to it. We lack the confidence and knowingness that it’s going to happen. And without that, we lack the ability to be in the high-vibe place we need to be to get the high-vibe, positive things we want!

That’s where “acting as if” comes in. “Acting as if” is about being so confident that what you want is on its way that you start acting like it. It’s about creating space in your life for what you want and signaling to the Universe that you’re ready for it.

In this episode, we’ll look at what it means to “act as if” that most people get wrong, why you absolutely must start practicing this in your life, and my 6-step fool-proof method to get you started. 


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Let’s go to the show!



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