Listener Q&A: Why can’t I stop eating bread when it makes me feel terrible? — Ep. 19

We’re digging into diet mindset, food stories, and self-sabotaging behaviors on this listener Q&A episode of Unstuck! This episode is for the lady who has ever been on a diet (That’s most of us, let’s be honest.), restricted and labeled foods, and then found themselves magnetized to that food. 

Q: “Why can’t I stop eating bread even though I know it makes me feel terrible?”

In this episode, I’m breaking down the REAL questions behind our behaviors around food, especially when it comes to self-sabotage and the diet mentality so many women struggle with:

  1. Why do I sabotage myself and engage in self-destructive behaviors?
  2. Why do I use food as a coping mechanism?
  3. Why is bread [insert your food] more than just bread to me?

We’ll take an in-depth look into what’s really going on in the mind around these “forbidden” foods, and I’ll give you my best advice on how to get over it and find food freedom.

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Let’s go to the show!



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