Are you stuck? Here are the signs — ep. 2

Feeling stuck? Chances are, the answer is yes, at least in some areas of your life. Maybe things are great in your relationship, but you have “bad luck” when it comes to money. Perhaps your health is excellent, but you’re “unlucky” in love. Or, money flows easily to you, but your health and body are a neverending battle.  

Being stuck is all about energy. Your energy may be blocked or miscommunicating, and it’s creating an environment where energy cannot flow as it should.

In this episode, we’re going over the signs and symptoms of being stuck. It could show up as a physical symptom or health imbalance, in your mental and emotional space, or even determining your life circumstances. 

If these signs and symptoms resonate with you, don’t freak out. Instead, get excited! Everything’s about to change as you continue to learn how to get unstuck.

Let’s go to the show!


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