When To Start Using Paid Ads To Grow Your Business

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Podcast

Ever been curious about the power of paid advertising in business growth? Strap yourself in for an enlightening journey as I, Shawn, share my personal experiences with the world of paid ads. Ever thought about navigating the realm of Facebook and Instagram ads? I’m here to reveal why having certain systems in place before investing in paid ads is crucial, no matter your business stage. Despite some initial blunders and financial setbacks, I’ve harnessed the art of expanding my business consistently, even during my downtime.

Dive into the realm of building trust and likeability with customers who find your business through paid advertising. You’ll uncover the process of moving social media followers from being mere spectators to signing up for freebies and eventually turning into paid customers. This episode peels back the curtain on how prioritizing time and freedom over money, using paid ads, can break the chains of relentless content creation. If you’ve ever had doubts about investing in paid ads, this is your golden opportunity to comprehend how it can grant you time and financial freedom.

Lastly, I’ll shed light on how paid advertising can be utilized to grow your email list, boost your social media following, and ultimately make sales. You’ll learn the importance of continually refining your ads to hit the sweet spot and how you can control your spending. Discover how to warm up the cold audiences you reach through paid ads by crafting a safe, consistent, and engaging content space. So, don’t miss out as I dissect the essentials of running successful ads, like having an irresistible freebie, a solid freebie landing page, and a powerful welcome email sequence. And, yes, there’s more – we’ll soon have a Facebook and Instagram ads expert joining us on the show!

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“A solid freebie landing page is essential to have a really good return on investment with your ads and it needs to be in place before you even consider it.” – Shawn Mynar

“If nobody wants your freebie in your organic audience, then chances are it’s not gonna go well when you put money behind it and start paying for ads.” –  
Shawn Mynar

“Be willing to spend money that you may not get and use that information to then test and tweak and really find a flow that works for you and for the people that are seeing these ads.” – 
Shawn Mynar


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Hey, hey there, friends, Welcome back to the Flow Business Podcast. I’m Shawn, your host, and this is your place to build a business thatcomplements your life, not complicates it. Today we’re diving into the world of paid advertising and when you should consider potentially using some paid advertising to grow your business, to make sales, to build your audience, whatever your main goal is, which there are a lot of potential goals when using paid advertising. So we’re going to dive into that today, my thoughts on it, what I’ve learned, what I now recommend others do, based on what I have done well and done not so well over the years with paid ads. So that’s kind of where we’re going to be coming from today, which serves as my big, huge caveat here. First and foremost, I am by no means an ads expert like not even remotely close. I do have one coming on the show. We are currently in the work trying to schedule a time to get together and record that episode. So I do have a Facebook and Instagram ads expert coming on the show very soon. But before I did that episode, I wanted to give my own experience just very much as a business owner to business owner kind of figuring out as we go, kind of thing to share, that which then kind of tease us up to then talk to that expert in the future. So this is my own personal experience. And then I also want to mention that because we mainly talk about online business here on the show. When I say paid ads, I’m referring to using social media and other kind of online network type platforms for your advertising. So things like Facebook, instagram, pinterest, google, youtube, linkedin, tiktok I’m sure there’s more, there’s probably more coming. You know these kinds of online platforms that have tons of eyeballs on them every single day and can kind of use their algorithm to show your ad to the right people for your work and they historically work really well. Once you have them figured out, I think most of us can say that we’ve potentially even purchased something or at least went to someone’s website or at least downloaded a freebie or something like that from something we saw on an advertisement on social media platform or on Google, on YouTube, something like that. So that is what I’m talking about today when I say paid advertising. And the thing is, yes, we do talk about online business here mainly, but these kinds of ads work for so many types of business, like local brick and mortar type businesses use this kind of online advertising all the time service based businesses, product based businesses so really it’s good to know this information, no matter what kind of business you have, and it’s also good to know no matter what stage of business you are in, as we’re going to talk about today. There are some things that you need to have in place before you start using or paying for ads, but it’s not like you have to be at a certain level of success or a certain level of audience or a certain number of years in your business or a certain number of clients had none of that. It’s just how what you have going on behind the scenes and how it’s working. Basically and that’s really the starting point so that can happen. Whether you’ve been in business for a month or 10 years. That is not a measure of when you should be starting your ads or considering using them. So just know that, even if you feel like you’re not in that place yet because you don’t have this established business, keep listening, because you’re going to find out that that’s not actually necessary. Okay, so my personal experience with using ads I have only used Facebook and Instagram, so meta, as it’s now known, meta ads when you set them up on in one place under that umbrella. They then go out to Facebook, instagram, messenger, whatever else is underneath the meta business. At this point, someday threads when they start having advertising on there, I’m sure too, but at this point, this is the only platform that I have used for paid advertising. I’ve not used anything else yet, like Pinterest, google, youtube, that kind of thing, although I’ve heard great things about all of them. Depending on where your audience is really, I am going to say something really crazy. I love paying for ads. Yes, I know totally does not make sense. I get it, but I do really really like it, and I’ll explain why. And yes, I know, in the back of my mind all the time I think I’m paying money to these giant institutions, putting more money in these mega wealthy people’s pockets. Yes, there is that, but there is also the fact that I’m able to reach these people that want and need my help that I would not ever otherwise be able to reach. So I kind of look at it that way too. It makes it a little easier to swallow. So, anyway, yes, I love paying for ads. I’ve been using them for years. It was very rocky at the start. The short reason for that is because I was not ready. I didn’t know what I was doing. When you start running ads before you’re ready and before you know what you’re doing, then guess what? You lose money. It’s like going to Vegas and putting $100 on a blackjack table when you have no idea how to play blackjack probably not going to go very well, and especially if no one there is willing to teach you or help you out or show you what to do. You’re just kind of on your own, which is how it is. Then you’re probably going to lose money unless you get super lucky. But now this has been six, seven years down the road. They are great. They make it so that my business pretty much runs on autopilot and is consistently growing every single day. Even when I don’t send emails, even when I don’t show up on social media for a while, even when I’m on vacation or taking some time off, my business still grows because of what my ads are doing. And when I say grows, that means a few different things. First of all, it means that my email list is growing because my ad is for a freebie. So when people see that, they can then click on the ad and go to the landing page for my freebie, put in their name and email address and get the freebie, get on my email list and become part of my welcome sequence. That then goes into my regular weekly newsletter. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is that it grows my social media following. So some people they may not even sign up for that freebie, but they see the ad and then they click over to my Instagram or to my Facebook and follow me. So that is a really great way to build up your social media following too. And while those people didn’t get on my email list right away, they are now part of my social media and at some point in the future, as long as I am talking about my freebie regularly, they can then get on my email list that way. And then the last thing is that people make purchases after becoming part of that freebie. The freebie then goes to a offer and people take up that offer and then make purchases. So when your ads are set up right and if that is one of your goals for your ads is for people to make purchases, when they’re set up right they have quite a big ROI or they can, a return on investment. So, yes, you may be spending $100 a month on ads but you’re making $1,000 a month from those purchases, so that’s net $900. Or you may be spending $1,000 on ads but you’re making $10,000, which is quite a big return on investment. So that is why it truly is an investment. When you know that you’re ready which we’re gonna go over when that is, when you know you’re ready and you know it’s the right time, then spending that money pretty much guarantees a return. And even more so, while not everyone is going to make that purchase right away, you know right within the same week that they saw your ad. But if they are on your email list, they can then go to listen to your podcast or go to your social media or keep getting your newsletters that are coming regularly. You can have that opportunity to warm them up and for them to get to know more about you and your work and what you do and your personality, get to that place of no like and trust, which is going to be different for everybody, and so that person that came from an ad now two months, six months, a year down the road is now purchasing. So that is kind of one of those return on investments that you can’t really track with ads right away, but do have that return over the long run too. So that is it’s just. It’s so cool. It makes it amazingly simple and easy to continue to grow your business and besides all of that, which is already so great, right, one of the reasons why I love ads the most is because it makes it so I don’t have to constantly create content or be on all the platforms and be worrying about the algorithm and get stressed if something does poorly. A few episodes ago, we talked about social media and I kind of alluded to why I don’t worry about social media at all, why one of the things has helped me detach from my social media, and that is ads. Because I have these ads running, I know now what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been doing it for a long time, I’ve tested a lot of things and I have a flow that works. And so, with that, that doesn’t mean I’m not showing up, that doesn’t mean I’m not recording podcast episodes anymore, that I’m not sending out emails anymore, that I’m not posting on social media regularly, but it’s this other thing going on in the background that I know works really well. And then all of the rest of this is enhancing that experience. So if you are getting those new, very, very, very cold members into your audience from ads, then it is still important to continue to show up for those people. Like I said, a lot of people aren’t most like. The vast, vast, vast majority of people aren’t buying right away. Some of them are following you on social media but not signing up for the freebie right away. All of these situations you need to continue that process of building no like and trust for these people who just found you off of a paid ad. They have literally no idea who you are, and that’s what I mean about them being super duper cold. They have no clue who you are. They basically can kind of almost guarantee they don’t like or trust you. And you have to, you know. But they’re curious enough, I guess, to follow you or to sign up for your freebie. But then you have to do the job of gaining that trust, gaining that likeability to take them to the next step, which may just even be going from following you on social media to signing up for your freebie or then from signing up for the freebie to then becoming a paid client. You still have to do that work. The ads aren’t going to do all of that for you and that is why you still need to show up for your business. But having that going on in the background just lightens the load, I feel like, and that is now how I feel. So, like I said, if I don’t feel like showing up on social media for a day or a couple days or a week, whatever, no big deal doesn’t matter, doesn’t affect that side of my business whatsoever, and kind of along those same lines. I feel like there are people in this space who kind of brag about not spending money on ads and being able to build up this big following or whatever thing they’re bragging about without spending any money on ads. But then when you actually look at that business, when you dig deeper, it’s because they are creating so much content. They are basically a slave to content creation. They have to show up on social media every single day and they are building that audience and potentially building this big giant business off of constant content creation. Like every aspect of their life is on display. For me I don’t want that life. I don’t want to feel like that when it comes to content creation. I want it to be okay to not do that for an extended period of time If it’s not working for me. I don’t want that pressure. I don’t want every aspect of my life. I don’t want to have to have video everything that I do. It’s just not fun for me, that’s not where I want to be in my life or my business, and so using ads has taken that pressure off, has made it so that I don’t have to do that. So here I am bragging about using ads so that I don’t have to be a content creation machine. So there’s really kind of two places to go there and you and everyone gets to decide how they want that to go. I mean, if you want to grow your audience, which then in turn grows your business because you get more eyes on your work so that is an obvious flow Then you basically have a couple options you can use time or you can use money. So if you use time, then that means that you are on that content creation wheel all the time, using your time basically to create content, to constantly be posting, to constantly be sharing, to be on all the platforms, to be trying new things, to get in front of the right people, and that takes a lot of time. There’s no way around it. Not only that, but you also also have to consider the amount of time it takes to create the momentum with your content. So time also meaning like the days, weeks, months, years that it takes to build that up. Or you can use money and then you can basically pay to get your work in front of the right people. That would be just your dream clients. You can pay to do that and pay for a much bigger impact in that way. So, knowing for sure that you are going to get your work in front of X number of people every single day, instead of posting and hoping three people see it, those are essentially your options. Time or money. Now for me, always and forever, my biggest value, my biggest, I guess the thing that is most important in my entire life is time, time and freedom, which means I will use money to make it so that I have more time, that I have more freedom and I don’t feel pressure. For me, that is my decision, that is what is most important to me in my flow, business and truly, what I have seen time and time again and this is something my mentor says as well is that the more I put my emphasis on how I spend my time versus how I spend my money, I get both in return. So my mentor, the way he says it those who care more about how they spend their time than how they spend their money will always have plenty of both, and I have found that to be true myself in my life and in my business. But obviously everyone’s going to feel differently about that scenario, and I know that there are people who really put a lot of emphasis on where their money goes, and that is totally okay too, and just know that with that comes this alternative aspect, which is your time and how you’re spending your time. Okay, so, already talked about a lot of this, but quickly let me go over the pros of using paid advertising for your business. Like I said, they work. It works to build your email list, it works to get you followers on social media or whatever platform you’re using, and they work to make sales. And you can absolutely have a campaign that is just set up to send people to your email list. It’s just a lead generation campaign. You don’t have to have anything for sale at the end of that. It’s just to get people onto your email list so you do have a place to connect with them authentically, away from the apps. So that is a great way and that is actually a really inexpensive way to get started with ads. Yes, you won’t be making sales right there, right away from that campaign, but, like I said, that happens down the road Once you have your email list built up and you warm them up properly, and then you can take them into a sale sequence when you’re ready and make sales at that time from the people that you’ve got with these ads. So that’s the first thing they work. The second thing is, once you find out what works, they can be pretty hands off, which is really nice. I find that they do require some kind of almost like monthly maintenance. I would say sometimes more than that. But once you’ve gone through the process of testing and tweaking and there is always a process of testing and tweaking, kind of trying to figure out what graphics work, video still, what’s working with your audience, what’s viving with them, and also the copy for your ads, what works best in that regard too. So there’s always a little bit of testing involved. But once you find that, you find the sweet spot, that one ad that is working really well could continue to work for like over a year, which is really nice. Yes, you do have to continue monitoring it, but can be pretty hands off and really bringing in new leads, new clients, new followers, whatever it is you’re trying to do every single day for the long haul. And another pro is that you control how much you spend. So you can spend as little as like a couple dollars a day to get started. I can’t remember, I don’t know if it’s five dollars a day is the minimum for Facebook and Instagram, but it’s somewhere around there. So very reasonable to get started if you just want to start small and see how it goes. And also you can do it for a specific period of time. So maybe you just want to spend like a hundred dollars in a week or two. Then you can set the start date and end date, set that you want to spend a hundred dollars, let it do its thing and then you basically are able to budget and to really track that. So you never are overspending or you can’t have any control over it. If something not isn’t going well or you don’t want to spend any money on a certain ad anymore, you can shut it off and it will immediately stop spending money on it, which is really nice. So to be able to have that control over your budget and how much you spend and being able to start at a really very reasonable place to get started and kind of see how it goes and test the waters is also really nice. Now some of the cons, which of course there are. First of all I’ve mentioned this already but it really important to note these are very, very cold audience members. These are people who literally didn’t know you existed until two seconds ago. They’re already kind of skeptical. They don’t really want to give you their email address. They’re hesitant to follow you on social media. They’re definitely checking things out before they decide whether it’s worth it or not. Just know they are very cold and because of that, first of all, they may not ever open another email that you send. So you may have see a difference in or a change in, like your open rates on your email list, your click rates, that kind of thing. You may have to clean your list more, which I’m not going to go into that today. So if you don’t know what that is, just leave it, but if you do know that you may have to clean your list more often. You may also notice that the engagement on your social media account starts to dip, isn’t as good as it was, even though you have more followers. The follower account is growing. Your engagement decreases because, again, these people don’t know you. They just started following you, didn’t engage in anything, and now the algorithm potentially isn’t even sending them any of your stuff. So that’s something to consider too, and so, yeah, there’s just going to be more coldness. I guess, to your audience, that you will have to then do your due diligence to warm up. Like I already talked about, staying consistent with emailing them, making sure you do not ghost your list, especially these new people that just got on your list, making sure you give them a really warm welcome, make it a really nice space, send them consistent, helpful and engaging emails, and that will help with the warm up process. And also same thing goes for your social media space, these new followers that you’re now getting because of your ads. They also are very, very cold and they need to have that warm welcome, that kind of safe space, to feel like they can get to know you, like they start liking you, they start trusting you and are able to take the next step. So, while you don’t have to be on all the platforms all the time creating constant content, because your ads are kind of doing that work for you, you do still have to be present. You do still have to be around and creating content at a more normal clip, something that works for you and your business. And, like I said, if you want to take a week off, go for it. That’s not going to mean much. But if this person who just started following you from your ad then doesn’t see anything at all from you after like two weeks, three weeks, a month now, they don’t even know who you are, why they started following you in the first place and you’ve you’ve lost them. So being able to stay top of mind with these people is really helpful from the stance of them being a very, very cold audience. So remember that. The next con is that you may not get an ROI return on your investment right away, potentially ever. And this really goes to the main point of our episode today, which is, if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you’re not ready, you will not get a return on your investment and you could potentially spend this money and never have it come back. Now, that is part of the process. That is something that you can do if you’re okay with throwing money out the window or, more so, throwing money into Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket. But instead, I’d rather you make sure that you’re ready and go through the process of knowing that before you then move on to ads, because I want you to get a return on your investment and you will because, like I said, they work. So you will get that return once you are ready. And you know I mentioned that my start with Facebook ads was really rocky. This was back in the day I was promoting a webinar for my fat burning female project and ransom ads. I had a friend set the pop I didn’t even I don’t even know if he knew what he was doing, but I certainly didn’t and he set them up and they actually did decently well in terms of the ads sending people my way. But I didn’t have the back end as tight as I needed to have it, and so those people did not show up for my webinar, like I don’t think any of them did. I had 1600 people register, I think, and I had, I think, 100 people show up for the webinar and they were all warm people that were in my audience already. So it did not work. It did not go well because the back end, what they were going to experience after they submitted their information from that ad, was not good, it was not tight, it was not set up well, and so I basically had to kind of eat the money that I put into those ads and that experience and just learn from it. And I never since have run ads without knowing for sure that what they were going to experience the second they put in their email address was an amazing experience that got them where I wanted them to go, which is kind of what we’re going to talk about little foreshadowing there. But anyway, let me go over a few more cons. Another one is that they are hard to learn, I think, although I feel like it’s gotten a little easier over the years. But for me it would definitely be worth it to learn from someone who is an expert instead of doing it on your own. And trying to learn even from using like the help section they have for you is makes it even more confusing. So learning step by step from someone like, I think, a course is a really great way to learn the back end of setting up your ads. Once you know it, you know it and it is a lot easier. But that first initial thing, like the second you log in, you’re immediately like oh my gosh, what is going on. But if you have someone who can kind of show you their back end and show you where to click and show you what to select, it makes it a lot easier. So I do recommend that. But, like I said, once you have it, you’ve got it and unless they make some major changes which they have over the years you’ll be able to set up your ads in like a matter of minutes and know that you are setting them up correctly. Okay, now let’s get into the nitty gritty of when to start using ads to grow your business. Before I talk about this, let me remind you of what will typically happen when you set up your ads If you are running an online service or product based business. Now, if you’re a brick and mortar type business, this is going to be different. You may just be sending people to your website so they can set up an appointment or learn more about your services, your offerings, that kind of thing. But if you have a business that is virtual, that is online. You take clients online. Virtually. You have digital products or services, whatever that is. This is typically how your ads will be set up. You will run an ad promoting a freebie and that ad will be sent out, will be shown because you’ve set it up this way, will be shown to people who are your dream clients From there. Those people that are interested will click on that ad and be sent to your freebie landing page. They’ll enter their name and email address to get that freebie and then they will be sent to kind of that confirmation page of like, hey, thanks, your freebies on its way, kind of thing, and then they will be put on your email list. When that happens, they will then get sent their first initial email that typically has the freebie and is also like a welcome thing, and then they will also become part of your email welcome sequence where every few days, they get an email from you with more tips, more information, more things that they would find interesting ways to engage with them, maybe a little bit about your story so they get to know you. This really nice welcome sequence that warms this very, very cold person up to you and your work and then also, within that welcome sequence, you can point them to more of your content your podcast, your blogs, your YouTube, your social media. If you don’t have any of that, totally okay, you’re just giving that content, basically in those emails with like tips and advice and more free stuff, essentially more ways to get some value from you and for them to see the kind of work you do and to get to know your personality and that kind of stuff. Okay, from there they could then go into a sales sequence where you are promoting potentially a workshop, a course, your one on one services, these kinds of things that they now may be ready to consider purchasing from you because they now know you, like you and trust you. That is an optional thing that you can do if you would like to get sales out of your ads. Doesn’t have to be. You can just use them as lead generation and get them on your email list and continue to get them into this warm space, and then they’ll be ready for your launch when you do launch your paid offer. So that is the general idea of what is happening when you are running ads. So in order for you to start using ads, you need to have all of that right. That makes sense. You need to have an irresistible freebie, and when I say irresistible I mean irresistible. It really needs to be something that some very, very cold people who have no idea who you are and are super protective of their emails want to receive. That is when you have a really or get a really good outcome for your ads and a really good return on your ads and get a lot of bang for your buck. And if you’re starting small and spending $10 a day, then you want that $10 to be really effective. So you know, if you have a really great freebie and a really great ad, you can have people sign up for that freebie for like a dollar or two. So then that means you’re getting five to 10 new people on your email list every single day. But if it’s not a good freebie like an enticing, irresistible freebie and or the ad isn’t good, like the creative isn’t good, what the visual, like what they’re seeing, whether it’s a video or an image or whatever it is if that’s not great, or if the copy of your ad isn’t great, which is totally different than writing any other kind of copy, but if that caption isn’t enticing, then you may not get even one sign up for that $10 you’re spending every day. So your freebie really matters, and so does the creative and the copy of your ad. So, first things first, a very irresistible freebie. The next thing is a solid freebie landing page. I’ve said this a lot. I will say this till the day I die your landing page for your freebie is like a sales page. It is a sales page for your freebie and should be treated as such. It’s not just like this thing you throw up saying title of my freebie enter your name and email address here, thanks. Like that is not what we’re doing here. It is a very needs to be a very well thought out, well organized, lots of great copy that speaks directly to your dream clients. Because, again, remember these people, they don’t know you, they’re skeptical. How can you get them on your side? How can you get them to trust you enough to put in that email address? And it’s usually because what you are offering is so enticing they can’t possibly say no. That goes for whether it’s something that’s $1,000 or something that is free. So you need to treat them the same. A solid freebie landing page is essential to have a really good return on investment with your ads and needs to be in place before you even consider it. The next thing you need in place is a strong email welcome sequence. We talked about how, once they sign up and are on your list, they are getting this and it’s all automated. This entire process is automated. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, nothing is happening for you once you get it set up. It’s just going on all the time. But once they are on your email list, they then are automatically part of this welcome sequence you have, where you’re sending them these really engaging emails and getting them to know you better, giving more helpful, valuable, free content, sending them over to other areas where you have content, if you have that kind of thing. So I already talked about that, but that is super important. You cannot. I seriously would strongly discourage that you use ads or really give anyone who is cold onto your email list without a welcome sequence, because then they’re just like okay, I got this freebie, I still don’t know who you are, I know nothing about what you do, I’m still skeptical, I’m still cold. I mean they’re gonna unsubscribe or, you know, when you email me, even a week later, I’m gonna forget who you are and I’m not going to have any idea that you’re someone who can help me and that you’re someone that I want to help me. Having that welcome sequence in place really helps with that. And then, like I said, lastly, a really enticing paid offer, which is optional. If you want your paid ads to then go into someone making a purchase, then you need that paid offer that is enticing, intriguing, must have kind of situation for that person, and then you know, if you have that, then you need a really great enrollment sequence and all that stuff which we’re not gonna talk about here because all of that part is optional, but just know, if you’re going to move into that aspect, then you really want to consider what is going in your sales sequence, those emails that you’re sending for them to take that next step and make a purchase. But at minimum you need irresistible freebie, a solid freebie landing page and a strong email welcome sequence. You have to have those three things before you start running ads. And then one last thing is you need to be committed to continuing to warm them up for the long term. So that means you need to be committed to sending regular emails to your list, once a week, at the very least once every two weeks, to your email list on a regular basis, before you start putting new cold people there. So really get that on your schedule. Really make sure you will never ghost your list again before you start running ads. So now, how do you know that you do have an irresistible freebie, that you do have a solid freebie landing page that converts really well, that you do have a strong email welcome sequence that gets people interested in you and your work and potentially gets people replying back and asking more about what you do or about the content you shared and starts conversations? How do you know? Well, really, the only way to know this is to test it, and you want to test it, preferably without spending money testing it, which means you need to use what you have available to you organically. This could be the social media account that you do have. It could be your network. It could be friends and family that you know actually are close to being dream clients. It could be in Facebook groups you’re in. It could be in from other content channels that you do have. Maybe it’s your blog, your website, your YouTube channel, your podcast. Whatever you have available to you organically, use it. So I recommend, my very best advice, is to get all of this set up and then offer it to the audience that you do have, wherever that is, and see how it goes. See if people are interested in your freebie. See if your landing page does convert well, see if people do start conversations from your welcome sequence. See how it goes with what you have available to you for free, and then that can be an indicator of how it will go when you put some money behind it. If nobody wants your freebie in your organic audience, then chances are it’s not gonna go well when you put money behind it and you start paying for ads. Now, in some cases it may just be that your audience that you do have isn’t actually your dream clients, and that’s possible too. So, keeping that in mind, but really, really try to find some dream clients in your current circle and offer them the freebie, send them to the landing page and see how it goes. Now you can absolutely set this all up and pay and test it with ads. That is an option. But you have to be willing to spend money that you may potentially not get back and kind of knowing that and setting your budget of what you’re willing to spend and potentially never see again and really making peace with that and being okay with that. Like, if you just don’t have an organic audience at all, you have no one that you can test this on or you don’t have the time to build one before you wanna start testing things, then you can have all of this set up to the very best of your ability and then use ads to test it. But, like I said, be willing to spend money that you may not get back and use that information to then test and tweak and really find a flow that works for you and for the audience, the people that are seeing these ads. So that’s an option too. But, like I said, if there is any possible way for you to test this organically with the people that you do know that you do have in your circle the audience that you do have, that it’s definitely going to be the best way to go and will save you money so that you know when you’re running ads that you already have that confidence that everything is in place, the flow works, they’re gonna have a great experience, they’re gonna love their freebie, they’re gonna be interested in opening the rest of your emails and reading the rest of your emails and getting engaged with you further until it’s time to make a purchase and then make the purchase. So that’s how you get a return on your investment when spending money on ads. And just quickly to know, if you are a member in the Signature Program Bundle, then you have all of the tools and resources that you need to make sure you have this whole flow set up really well so you can really start using ads in your business quite quickly. I would still recommend doing the testing on your organic audience. But you have the emails, you have the landing pages, you have the freebie ideas. You have all of that in the Signature Program Bundle to set up your entire flow and if you wanna be a part of that, you can head to www.shawnynar.com/burnoutproof and learn more. But yeah, I think I’ll stop this conversation about ads for today and we’ll pick it back up when I have my expert to come on the show and share more about kind of the ins and outs and what to really look for, the common mistakes and things like that, so you can make sure that you do get that big return on investment for what you’re spending on your ads and make them really, really work to grow your business, kind of on this autopilot system, this automated thing that you have going on in the backend, which is just so amazing. If you have any questions you’d like answered about running ads, make sure you send them my way over on. Instagram is where I hang out most at Shawn Mynar. Send me a DM, let me know your questions or what you want me to make sure to cover in the next episode of talking about paid advertising, and I will make sure to do so. And until next time, take care, hey, wait up before you go. Do you wanna know the biggest reason why your business may not flow? Because it’s not in alignment with your personality type. Building the right business for you means knowing your strengths, weaknesses, energetic expression and what’s most important to you, so you can build your business accordingly. Before you spend one more minute working on your business, let’s make sure it’s the right business for you. I’ve created a fun two minute quiz to discover your flow business personality type. With the results of this quiz, you’ll know exactly what to prioritize in your business so you can feel confident knowing your building a business you love. Head over to www.shawnynar.com Right now to find out your flow, business, personality type and once you find that out, hop over to Instagram and let me know what you discover. Again, that’s www.shawnynar.com. As always, the link is in the show notes. I’ll see you next time.

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