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ARE YOU READY TO TURN YOUR PASSION FOR WELLNESS INTO A PROFITABLE BUSINESS? I know business-building can feel overwhelming. I know the to-do list can get so long that it stops you from ever getting started. I know it can seem like getting clients and building an audience is almost impossible these days. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, I’ll share the 7 simple action items you can take right now to start and grow a profitable wellness business without working more hours or adding more stress.

“I just started putting myself out there. I made mistakes, tons and tons, I still do and I learn from them. I invested in myself, I asked for help and I decided that my dream would absolutely be my reality.” – Shawn Mynar

“I want you to decide to show up, decide to take action, decide to go after your purpose, passion and dreams, decide to invest to what’s actually important to you, decide that your capable and decide to make it happen.” – Shawn Mynar

“How you show up in your business determines who and what you will attract and how it will feel to you.” – Shawn Mynar

“The number 1 thing keeping you from making more money is your mind.” – Shawn Mynar


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ey, hey there, friends, Welcome back to the Flow Business Podcast. I’m Shawn, your host, and this is your place to build a business that excites you, not overwhelms you. This is a best of episode chosen by you, the podcast listener audience out there. These are the best episodes of the past two years that have gotten the most attention, the most downloads, the most comments and questions, and I thought what a great opportunity to bring these episodes back, give them some more life and for you to listen for the first time or re-listen if you’ve heard them in the past. You can always grab something new from these episodes. So, without further ado, let’s get into this best of episode. Hey there, I’m Shawn Mynar, and this is Unstuck Entrepreneur. I’m a former nutritionist who turned a struggling, stressful nutrition practice into a thriving, freedom-filled online business where I work from home in my sweatpants while reaching and helping thousands of people all at the same time. Now I’m obsessed with showing other heart-centered coaches, practitioners and solopreneurs how to build a business and life they love. Consider this podcast your safe space to learn both the inner work and practical strategies required to build the impactful, profitable business of your dreams. No hustle, grind or long hours required. That’s right. Hustle culture not welcome here. Let’s get into today’s session. Hey, hey there. Friends, welcome back to the Unstuck Entrepreneur podcast. So so grateful to have you here. Thank you for being here. As always, today is going to be a little bit different. I am going to play for you the recording of the live workshop I did this week about seven ways to actually make money in your wellness business. So I know a lot of you were there live. I know a lot of you may have watched the recording, but I still wanted to share it with you here for those that couldn’t make it to either or haven’t had the chance to listen in, and for those that just want a reminder already. I mean, it was a lot of information in a short period of time and it’s just one of those things that you need to listen to over and over again to really let it all sink in and to really let your ideas flow. So having it here as a podcast episode gives you the chance to do that. You can listen to it over and over again, you can rewind, you can fast forward, you can do whatever you want, but I want to make sure that the information I shared in that live workshop is available for you here to listen to for the first time or to re-listen to whenever you want. And just so you know, that live workshop kicked off a four day enrollment period for Holistic Business Starter, which is my business program specifically designed for wellness business owners and really even more specifically designed for the new or let’s call it intermediate wellness business owner those of you that want to turn your passion for wellness into a business and haven’t started yet, or are just getting started and not quite sure what your first or next step should be. Or for those of you who have a wellness business but it’s hard or complicated or it’s not going as planned and you’re realizing you probably need a little bit more strategy and organization and ideas and marketing and business advice that kind of thing. I have a program specifically designed for you and it is open for enrollment today. If you are listening to this when it airs, you have a few more days to save your spot for the winter 2022 class, and this will be the only time that it is being offered until, like fall 2022, six months from now. So this is your chance to actually get the help that you need, because what I can tell you for sure is that building a business is not a DIY project. It is not something for you to waste your valuable time and energy figuring out how to do when there are people, myself included, that have been there, done that, that truly understand the business that you want and how to get there, because I’ve done it, I’ve been in your shoes and I have done it and I’ve learned along the way and now I’ve put it all into this nice, pretty little package called the holistic business starter. For you to learn, and I will be with you every step of the way, there’s the option for a self study, or you can do the community and coaching and get access to live coaching calls and the community, full of super supportive, amazing people who are doing the same thing. They’re building the business too, and you can bounce ideas off of and get advice and support. There’s just so much that you need. That is in this program and it is available to you right now. So head to shawnmynar,co slash business to sign up and get started and get going and have that successful business, have that profitable, impactful, freedom filled business that you desire in six months, instead of waiting and doing it on your own and putting it off and procrastinating and all these things that we do, and that’s totally normal and natural, but it’s only because you don’t know what to do. And imagine how it would feel if you had a plan of action, if you knew your next five or 10 steps, if you felt comfortable and confident in your business and the direction it was going and who you help and how you help them. And, as you can see, I’m super passionate about this because I know how important this work is and I’m just thrilled to have you have you all in the group. So again, slash business, you have a few days to enroll and if not, then just get on the waitlist for the next round, but head over there and get involved. Now is the time for you to have the business of your dreams. All right, my friends. With that, I’m going to turn it over to the recording of the live workshop. Again, it’s live. It was on Zoom, there was chatting, there was stuff coming in and we were just having a conversation. So it might be a little different than being on the actual live video, but you’ll still get so much benefit from listening to this recording of a live workshop. So let’s take it away. Hey guys, thanks so much for being here. Today we are going to talk about seven ways to actually make money in your wellness business. That does not involve adding more hours to your day or more stress to your life. In fact, we’re hoping to reduce the stress, increase the competence, increase the fulfillment that you have in your business and all that good stuff so you actually feel really good about what you’re doing, you’re fulfilling on your passion and purpose and all that good stuff. That is the ultimate goal. So here is let me get this going here. All right, so welcome. You are in the right place right here, right now. If you are excited to make an impact in the wellness space but have no idea where to start or how to actually make money doing that. If you have an established wellness business but you’re not sure if it will ever provide the financial freedom that you desire, you’re spending all of your time trying to figure out how to run a business all these back end things, all the business stuff instead of doing what you love and what you actually set out to do when you started this business, which is to help people specifically with their health, their wellness, in all regards and you’re starting your business. You’re trying to start your business but you didn’t realize it would be this hard to get clients to make money, to have everything up and running, and it all just started starting to feel overwhelming. Or you followed your calling and got certified, or you’re about to be certified but you’re not even using your new knowledge yet because of this business stuff. That is who we’re talking to today, because I have so many things that are going to help you out, so many tips and tools, things I’ve learned myself over the past years. They’re going to help you so much. So, my friends, are you ready to step into your power and confidently go after the business that you really want? To know exactly what to do? To start, grow and scale your own wellness business? To build an audience full of dream clients that eagerly engage with your work? To implement systems in your business that keep it humming along, even when you’re away from your screen? So, hey, you don’t have to work all the time, you don’t have to be connected to your device all the time in order to make money that is really cool and, most importantly, to have a business that creates more time and flexibility and financial freedom and fulfillment in your life. Are you guys ready? If you are ready, type in yes into the chat box. Are you ready? I need to know this, it’s important. Are we ready? Let’s do it, love it, love it, love it. Ready, you’re so ready, okay, cool. Hello to all of my friends out there. I am Shawn. Some of you may not know me very well, some of you may have known me for years, but either way, let me reintroduce myself. I am a former nutritionist and personal trainer. I started my very own wellness business over nine years ago. Now. I am a podcaster, I am an online educator and I love, love, love helping other wellness pros start and grow their businesses to be one that complements their lives and what they want and becomes a really fun and fulfilling adventure for them and not this like struggle bus thing that so often businesses can feel like, especially when you’re first starting out and you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. Over this entire time Basically my entire career, if I think, all the way back to when I wasn’t even in wellness but was still just starting out fresh from college my whole passion and purpose has always been to help other people go after what they want, go after their dreams, reach their fullest potential and really live a life that is on purpose, that is fulfilled, where they wake up and they’re excited and they’re not just living in this kind of like autopilot mode. I really want everyone all of us, myself included to live that life that feels really good to them. I am just a personal note self diagnosed chocolate. I literally eat chocolate every single day of my life and I love it. And it’s amazing. I am an overprotective dog, mom to two doggos who are out right now on a hike. Hopefully you won’t hear them barking, but you might. You never know. I am an expert homemade oat milk latte maker. If we were having this conversation at my house right now, we would definitely be having oat milk lattes or whatever. Whatever you desire, I am an expert latte maker in general. That is me. I also, in case you don’t know already, I have a podcast, unstuck Entrepreneur podcast, so make sure you head over there and subscribe, if you’re not already, and you can always hang out with me and chat away over on Instagram at Unstuck Entrepreneur. Here’s what we’re going to do today we’re going to identify what’s really getting in the way of you and your successful, profitable business. I want to emphasize this. Identify what’s really getting in the way of you and your successful, profitable business, because it’s probably not what you think if we really dive into it. Learn how to effortlessly attract your dream client to your work and turn them into paying clients. Break down all the potential income possibilities you have at your fingertips as a wellness business, which are abundant so many possibilities that you aren’t even considering right now. That makes it so fun and freeing to have a wellness business. On the same note, find out how to turn your income from limited to limit list with passive income opportunities, because most of the possibilities you have at your fingertips don’t involve time and energy from you on a regular basis, which is awesome. Decide on the action steps you need to take so you can start making the income and impact you really want, and see if my wellness business program, holistic business starter, is a good fit for you and your business will go over that towards the end, and you can see if it’s something that would help you on your business journey. So I’m going to do some case studies today, the first one being mine. This is me in January of 2013, when I quit my very comfortable job to start my own wellness business. I was, at the time, a personal trainer and I wanted to do in home personal training sessions. So drive around to people’s houses and bring the workouts to them. I had no clue what I was doing. I had zero dollars in my bank account. I had no entrepreneurial experience besides like one elective class I took in college years ago. I had no, nothing, nothing. But I knew I wanted to help people in a way that I couldn’t, being in a corporate setting, having other people tell me what I had to do, that just didn’t fly with me. I actually, at this particular time when I made the leap, I had a boss that I just did not connect with, I did not agree with. I just we really butted heads. He wanted me to do this like sales spiel, kind of weird stuff. I just wasn’t going to do it because it’s just not me. And so that I’m so grateful for that experience and I’m so grateful for him because that led me to be like nope, I’m done, I’m going to do my own thing and I’m going to figure this out myself. And that’s what it really came down to. I had this intense desire to never work for someone else again, to never have someone tell me how I should be doing what I know I’m already really good at doing and let me just do what I’m supposed to do and let me help people in a way that I know I can’t do with someone else breathing down my neck. And so thank goodness for all of that, because it got me to where I am today, which is, you know, nine years later. I’ve now had three top rated podcasts and I’ve seen those at the top there that have had now over 5 million podcasts downloads and I’ve helped thousands of people with their health help like I just could not have done that in any other way except for my own business. And to be able to create these programs and nutrition and gut health and hormone health and mindset and now business that I could not have done in any other capacity and to be able to say that I have impacted thousands of people is just this like brings chills into my body to know that that was possible and to do it all while I work part time hours that complement my life and what I want to do and give me the ability to live the life that I want, the financial life that I want to live and the financial life that I want to live, and so I’ve been able to do that in a way that I can’t do without my own business, and I’ve been able to do that in a way that I can’t do without my own business, and that’s the kind of work that I would have and my income in that time. Of course, as you know, you can see the first couple years struggle, major struggle, but I couldn’t figure it out. I really had this focus on working with one on one clients and you know that was great and so great for both of us, such a good experience, but it was hard to make money and be able to create this lifestyle that I wanted to have. I kind of had to be always working in order to make any sort of income and it was very draining and it was really hard for my body and my energy and all that stuff. And so then, based on everything that I’m going to share with you today, in that time you can see 2016, 2017, 2018, and moving forward now, even into today I implemented what I’m sharing with you today and I had massive changes, like pretty quickly, and I don’t want to be one of those people that’s like, oh yeah, I just all of a sudden, I had this overnight success. I don’t want to be that, but it kind of happened that way and I’m so obviously grateful for that. But it also is just, it’s just proof in what I’m going to share with you today and the power of how it works and can and will work for you. So I promised I would share my tax documents. So this is proof that in 2016, I don’t know if you guys can see this, but I’ll make sure you read it 2016, at the left, was $15,000 a year. There was my income $15,000 a year, so to say, I max out my credit cards. Now you can see why. 2017 it was $187,727. So you can see big, big jump there. That’s over 10xing my income for that year and then the following year, $324,887. And I promise you is because I did what I’m going to share with you today, because what I want you to know is that I am not special, I am not lucky. I didn’t have this team behind me. I didn’t have funding or investors or anything like that. I was not trained in launching, marketing or selling nothing that I’m going to share with you today. Did I know when I started my business or, quite frankly, even when I started having some big transitions, I just started doing it naturally, and now I want to share it with you because I know that it is 100% possible for you too. I know that. I know that, and I know people hear this all the time, but it is true that if I can do it, I promise you that you can do it too. There’s nothing special about me or there’s no luck that I have that you don’t. So how did I do it? Well, I can tell you that I’m going to show you the practical things that I did today, but in reality, this is what I really did. I confronted my fears. I got out of my own way. I put myself out there, imperfectly and awkwardly. I did not wait until I had the perfect Instagram feed or the perfect website or this or that all these things that we can just wait to put ourselves out there until it’s ready. I didn’t do that. I just started putting myself out there. I made mistakes, tons and tons and tons of mistakes. I still do almost every day, and I learned from them. I invested in myself. I asked for help which is extremely, extremely hard for me to do and I decided that my dream would absolutely be my reality, and I want you to make this your moment too. I want you to decide to show up, decide to take action, decide to go after your purpose, passions and dreams, decide to invest in what’s actually important to you, decide that you’re capable and decide to make it happen. So who is ready to make this your moment? I want you to promise me right now, right here, to make this your moment. Who is in, who is ready to make this your moment? Give me a yes, give me a why. Give me a thumbs up, give me a me. It’s not complicated, it is not hard, it doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming, it does not have to be. I promise you that. Okay, just decide to take action, decide to make it happen. This is an important slide that I want to take a few minutes on, because I need you to know this from the start what I teach and why I teach it. Success in business is a combination of these three things, and most business owners go straight to the strategy, go straight to the to-dos and skip over this inner work that is required for to be a business owner to have success, and then they struggle, they continue to struggle. And so I need you to know I will never talk about business and not talk about the mindset and energy required to be in business, to have the business that you want, to reach the success that you desire. And if you have any business coach or mentor or anything like that, that they don’t teach this stuff, they don’t talk about this stuff, then I would question them because it is true, this is what I see the vast majority of people do wrong when they start their business. They go to all this practical stuff and we’re going to talk about a lot of it today. But if you’re not doing this pre-work, this inner work, then you can apply all of the practical strategies to your business that you want and you’re still going to struggle because it really comes down to this inner work. Because, first mindset, for every external result that you are looking to have, there is inner work to do. Your energy, your you know if you want to get woo, if you’re into being a little more woo, your vibration, your energy, we are all energy, because how you show up in your business determines who and what you will attract and how it will feel to you. So, again, you can attract a business that is hard and overwhelming and a struggle and super stressful, or you could attract a business that is exciting and aligning and freeing. It’s up to you. And then, of course, strategy. Yes, I love talking business strategy. We’re going to talk about it a lot today because sometimes the how isn’t always clear and in business, like most of the time, the how is not always clear and that’s why we’re in the position that we’re in. So let’s get into it. We’re going to jump right in with the mindset piece of this. Just one. There’s a lot, but I want to give you a taste, because we’re talking about money today and the number one thing keeping you from making more money is your mind. The number one thing and this goes back to the idea of you going through everything else we’re doing. We have six more tips to talk about today that are all really pretty practical things for you to do in your business and you go through and you do all of them and you still don’t make any money. Guess what? Because number one hasn’t been addressed you haven’t thought about your money blocks. You haven’t really done any of that work and we spent a lot of time. There’s a whole section in holistic business starter, about your money mindset, and there will actually even be other ways that you know. Another special gift I’ll give you to really help you dissolve those money blocks but first let’s find out if you have them Now. Are you human? Then you probably have money blocks. If it just is, it just is the way it is. We all do in the society that we live in today. We all do and some things. This is just like a snapshot of all the ways that your money blocks could show up and your thoughts and actions and words, but these are just a few. I’m not blank enough to have money, to be wealthy, to make a million dollars. It could be any. I’m not young enough. I’m not old enough and not smart enough. I’m not thin enough. I mean, it could be anything. We say really weird things to ourselves. I just want to help people. I don’t care about money, which is a huge one in the wellness industry. Yes, we want to help people, but it’s like we almost think that it needs to be a this or that I can help people or I can make a lot of money. It doesn’t. We don’t feel like it could be both. I’ll be happy, I’ll feel more secure. I’ll take more risks Once I make money. Life becomes easier with more money. Success is measured by the amount of money I make. I have to work hard to make money. My financial gain is someone else’s loss A big, another big one. I want to make lots of money, or sorry, wanting to make lots of money is selfish and greedy. I’ll turn into a bad person If I have a bunch of money. I’m not materialistic. I don’t need extra cash. So do you guys think, do you know that any of these are some things that you might be saying to yourself, especially when it comes time to put a price tag on your services or ask for a sale or anything like that? That involves money and you money and your business who thinks they might have some money blocks yeah, totally resonates, right, we all have them. It is just part of being who we are and that’s fine. Yeah, hard to ask for the sale, for sure, and you know there’s so much to the asking for a sale thing, and even just the things that we’ll talk about today will help with that so much. But just keep in mind that it’s not, it’s not a problem. It’s not you. You’re not doing anything wrong. You have. You didn’t, you didn’t ever do anything wrong. Most of the time they come from our parents or our grandparents. They are just sticking around and you know it’s a. It’s just something that is deeply ingrained in us and our subconscious that sometimes we don’t even know that it’s there. We don’t even know that that’s what we’re doing, that that’s what we’re saying, that that’s how we’re acting, and so you know. The question always becomes well then, how do I dissolve these money blocks? What do I do about this? And, like I said, so much that we can do tons, will do together and holistic business starter. But here are some things that you can do to start, and I just have to say that this really is just the beginning. I could do an entire, like week-long conference about money blocks and money mindset, but here’s what you can do. First of all, you have to Acknowledge and be open to the idea of your money blocks, your current money story, and see how it’s been playing out for you. Just get curious like, yes, I do have hard time asking for the sale or charging appropriately, but why? What is the story behind that? Because that is the action that’s being shown in your reality and your experience. But there’s a reason behind that. There’s an underlying belief. You know like you don’t deserve to make money. Perhaps you aren’t capable of being rich or being wealthy. There’s a lot of things that could be going on there, but seeing it in action and being able to really understand what is underneath the surface there is the easiest way to release it, because you can’t release what you don’t know is there, and so becoming aware and acknowledging it is so important, and then recognizing what money actually is. So are you allowing or blocking the flow? Money, just like everything else, is energy. It is always in motion, just like all energy. We all are always in this vibrational motion that’s going on, and I love to think of money as just like this thing that is Flowing. It’s similar to like Electricity behind the walls. You know it’s there, you can’t see it, but it’s always moving around, and as soon as you plug in that lamp and flip it on, you’re going to get light. But if you don’t plug in the lamp and just flip, flip it on, nothing is going to happen. So you can kind of think of it like are you plugged in to the energy that is money, or are you just unplugged and hoping to switch on the light and nothing is happening. And it is all based on how you act, feel, think, describe, talk about money you can talk about it and like, oh, I can’t afford that, that’s way too expensive, no one will ever pay me. That. This just isn’t gonna work. How am I ever gonna make enough money Not plugged in? Or you could think about it in terms of I deserve this, I am capable of this. This is a good measure of the value I’m going to provide. I am capable of Having a business that makes money. You know it’s all about changing those stories and and Really getting to the point where you feel it in your body too, like you can change the story and just say things, just to say it, but really getting to the point where you experience it physically is so important and that will become your new money story. And then from there you practice it. You know to say, you practice it to the point where you feel it and you feel that confidence and really that joy that comes from having this new money story. So those are just so quick ways to to get started again, so much more, that we can do with that, and we will, and I just love it. I love talking about money blocks because we all have them, um, so it’s something that we all need to become more aware of. Number two speak directly to your dream client, because when you try to help everyone, you end up helping no one. And if you know me, you know I am a huge fan of talking about the niche talk, niche, niche, ideal customer. We call it dream clients and holistic business starter, because when you have a dream client, it Gives you so much clarity for you and that is guaranteed to make your business Attracting clients, getting paid all the things that you want in your business so much easier because you know who you’re talking to. But also it makes it so much easier for your clients to know that you are the one that they want to work with. So we have to have that reciprocal relationship where someone knows that they are getting the right person, they are speaking to the specialist that they want for their specific problem, and Having a dream client will do that. Most people think that they are being specific enough In, especially in the wellness space, with their dream client. I can tell you that you’re not, and it’s so hard in the wellness industry in particular because you can help so many people and you want to help so many people and you know that so many people need your help, and so it feels counterintuitive, it feels wrong to limit who you’re helping and who you’re talking to, and so, like there’s so Constant I see it constantly so many people in the wellness space who keep it super broad. But you have to remember that everyone at this time has a specific problem that they want solved and they are not going to pick someone who has pinned themselves to be a generalist, like, oh, I help with this and this and this and this and this, and they’re like okay, well then, doesn’t seem like you’re an expert in my problem then, so I’m gonna go find someone who is. So we have to find that one Person and that one problem. We saw Knowing that there’s actually thousands, probably millions of people who have that one problem. So these are the questions, very basic. We’ll get into this deeper later on. But who is your dream client? So who do you help and how do you help them answer those questions? And then, who specifically do you help? I want you to take it one step deeper. Who specifically do you help? One more notch, and then who’s how specifically do you help them? One more notch, and in holistic business starter, we create your dream client statement and that one statement we kind of have this equation we put it all together that one statement will absolutely change Everything for you and will guide you to know who you’re talking to, but then also guide the right clients to your work, just with one statement. So this is case study number two Nikki and Mel of a new you wellness. They are childhood best friends that got together both our holistic health coaches and now run a business together. And when Nikki and Mal came into HBS they Knew they wanted to help people, but they didn’t know who they wanted to help. They didn’t know how they wanted to help them. They were very much in this place in the wellness world where it’s like man, we just learned so much in our program. We can help so many people. It’s like almost overwhelming the amount of people that we can help and how we can help these people. So it kept them really feeling really stuck, like they couldn’t make any, get any traction, any momentum going in their business, because they simply couldn’t figure out who they’re talking to and how should I be talking to these people? What do I really want to be doing with this knowledge I just got? And so they went through HBS and got really clear on that dream client and then, as soon as they did that, it was like the floodgates opened and they were finally able to Put all of this work out there. They created, they have a podcast. They had now have a quiz specifically for that person. They have a mini course, the mindset reset, which is a passive income opportunity. They are launching their group coaching program next week. They have put out Weekly blog posts. They put out bi-weekly newsletters. It’s like everything Came up and came out and was available to them, but only after they did that work. It’s like they had all of this information right there, but not knowing who they wanted to talk to or what they really wanted their business to serve Left them feeling stuck and all they had to do was figure that out and it all came out so perfectly, all right. Number three be generous, af. Providing high quality, valuable, free content is essential to making more money. Yes, it is true. If anyone has heard that 80 20 rule 80 percent of your business is free content, 20 percent is paid. That is pretty accurate. So you can consider that, and this is where, in for this part of Our little talk today, we’re talking about the email list. So what are some ways that you can provide some free, valuable, keyword, valuable content to your dream client in exchange for their email list or, further sorry, for their email address, which, at this point, we are also protective of. Like, we’re not just going to give anyone our email, and Definitely not for something that we don’t find extremely valuable. So at this point, we can almost put a price tag on our email or on your clients email to say, you know their email list is, or their skype I keep saying that their email new, their email address is Is worth like $50. So how can I create something that would be an exchange for that? And then, from there, you’re creating valuable content and connecting with them regularly. So here’s how it looks. We like to think that it would look like your dream client stumbling upon your website, your Instagram feed, reading about what you do. They get into your about page and then immediately sending you an email and demanding to throw Thousands of dollars at you for your services. That’s what we hope it will look like, and wouldn’t that be lovely? But the reality is that your dream client finds you on an Instagram after a hashtag search, they reluctantly hit follow because they don’t really want to follow anybody. And then, once they do follow you, they barely even see any of your posts because you know algorithm stuff and whatever. And so they spend months kind of in your orbit, but not really. They finally see a post of yours of a free offer that actually interests them, so they reluctantly give you their email address and order to get that free content, and then they occasionally read your email newsletters for a while and Finally get into listening to your podcast or watching some of your videos, realize that you have a solution to the problem that they have, and now they start considering signing up. This is called no like and trust. It is the basis of everything that we do Inside HBS no like and trust. People need to know you, like you and trust you Before they will work with you, before they will pay you for your services, especially as a service-based business. Okay, so Consider that. Just know that. Yeah, would be great to have this dream where people just throw money at us that barely know us, but the reality is they need to know you, and so that’s where this being generous AF comes into play, because that gives you the chance to create that connection with somebody. So you are going to create an epic freebie that your dream client can’t wait to get their hands on again. This is something we will do together in HBS. You will give them a warm welcome. This is through a nice, really well-crafted, really well thought-out email sequence that comes. You know it’s, it’s automated. You don’t have to do anything on your end, but they will get, over the course of a week or so, some really great extra Resources from you now that they have Gotten into your world in a nice warm welcome, and then you continue the connection over a period of time. You reach out to them regularly via email with more helpful info. This would be your email newsletter. So how do we feel? Does anyone have anything, any input on how you feel about an email list, about sending emails, email Newsletters, freebies, to get you people’s emails? What are we thinking, maggie, the money is ultimately in the list and, yes, that is what I really want to get Out there for you guys. Just like, let’s just do it and Let you know that the money is in the email list. You are going to make the money that you want to make because of your email list. That is where it will come into play. Jen says she is fairly terrified, actually worried about coming up with good top content regularly. Yeah, that’s really interesting, jen, and you are not alone in thinking that it’s. One of the biggest things that I hear from people is like how will I know what to say? And I I truly believe that that is an ego fear that you are having. That is keeping you know. It’s like one of those blocks and so that, like, if I think this, then I won’t have to take the next step. But as soon as you take the next step and as soon as you commit to doing this, I promise you you will have an endless supply of Information to share with these people. And it’s not like you have to, you know, write out this super long email with all your tips into one email. Just a short, sweet something with a tip or a product you’re loving or something you’re currently doing, or gosh. There’s like so, so many ideas, so many ideas. So just know that it is. It is one of those things that once you get started, you will not have the problem. The problem is coming because you haven’t gotten started. Shaliyah, the the no-like trust is what brought me here today. Absolutely. I Not to toot my own horn, but I am committed to the no-like and trust. I don’t care how long it takes to for you to know, like and trust me, but I am committed to building that relationship with every single one of you and I love it. It’s really fun. So, yeah, it does, it does totally work. Yeah, so there’s more. So Nikki, who was just the case study number two, is here and she says the note the. Once you know your dream client, the ideas are way easier to come up with, and that is so true for Jen and Jenny. Part of the reason why you don’t know what you’re gonna say in your emails, it’s because you haven’t gotten clear enough on your dream client. That is a huge, huge point. Thanks, nikki. And let’s move on to Maggie, who is here today Also. She is case study number three. Just to give you a little bit of Background on Maggie. So she’s been in HBS for since September 2020 and when she started, she had 310 people on her Instagram and 28 people on her email list, and I will never forget Maggie because she had, like, so many ideas and so many things like already created in her business and she just wasn’t putting him out there. She was just like I don’t make me Maggie, I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me why, because I still don’t understand why, but she was like so caught up in all of the business Hustle, culture that she couldn’t just like release it all and just like put stuff out there. It was the most most fascinating thing, like she had programs and memberships and all these things created in the background. Okay, so she calls it creation procrastination. That is what she was doing, which totally worked for her because she was procrastinating big time. But here is a really interesting thing that happened in her business. She got really super, super clear and really defined on a very specific dream client and created a really highly valuable Freebie for this person. In fact, she had someone that, after they signed up for the freebie, actually reached out to her and said I cannot believe you’re giving this away for free, and that is when you know you have an amazing freebie. So she did that and put it out and then spoke directly to those people who are very specific. Like you’d think, there’s not even maybe that many people out there that would be this person. But they are, and these are kind of health practitioners that are interested in anti diet philosophy and want to put that into their practice. And so she Put this out there. And look at what happened to the amount of people that signed up for her email list to signed up for the freebie. She was kind of flatlining there a little bit, started talking more about it, got more interest and then really put it out there and Skyrocketed in like a matter of days because she got super clear on who she wanted to help and it was very specific and then Created that freebie, put it out into the world and there you go. And Maggie also has a podcast, the effluxer podcast, and, as you can see, I just wanted to put this here and I this was from I took this screenshot a while ago, so I know now this is way more. I think she has almost 4500 people on her Instagram and almost 900 people on her email list and in this time her business in Revenue has also increased by 500%. So it is proof. It’s not just like create all this free stuff, get all these people on your email list and never make money. It’s like, no, there is a purpose behind this and it is to make more money. And so, yes, thank you, maggie. I’ll just read this. I’m a physician, the nine nights diet space. I work with other health professionals who want to adopt this model of care for their own clients, but the their clients keep getting told by their doctors to lose weight. That is what she does. That is what the freebie is. If you want it, go grab it. She’s that, maggie Landis MD, so you can head over there. But, as you can see, it works. It is not complicated. It might seem like that right now and if it does, then that just means, honestly, just means you need some support and some guidance. That’s all it means. It is not complicated. I promise number four number gonna do kind of number four and five together, which is build multiple revenue Streams. So I want to know from you guys what do you see as some of your revenue streams? Do you want to do one-on-one clients? Do you want a group coaching program? Do you want an online course? You want to do workshops? What do you think you want to do in your business to get some money? What are you guys thinking? Online courses, workshops and online courses, online courses, groups, someone on one clients? Yes, online courses, workshops and groups, head nutrition at a university. I do one-on-one coaching and group programs. So, as you can see, most of you pretty much all of you want to have more than one revenue stream, and that is what you have to do to make money, because creating more opportunities for your clients to work with you Means you make more money. So here are just some options one-on-one client packages, group coaching programs, ebook sales, paid workshops, sponsorships and ads, pay a brand partnership, summit participation and online courses. So I just want to because I don’t want this to seem overwhelming like, oh my gosh, now I have to create all of these things in my business and I’m never going to be able to do this. I hope you don’t feel that way. Don’t let this conversation overwhelm you. Instead, I want you to imagine your business and your bank account if you got creative and started having more opportunities for someone to work with you. Because let’s just say that you are starting your business and you want to take one-on-one clients, and I will tell you that one-on-one clients are a great way to start your business. They are a quick way to get some income going for your business, because you don’t need to, you know, create a whole course or anything like that In order to get started. But let’s just say that you aren’t able to have that full client calendar Right away, which is typically the case. It takes some time to build up your client roster and you need to make more money. So what would it look like if you also had An e-book selling in the background, for yet Maybe it’s 20 30 dollars, but still you have that income that’s coming in that you don’t have to do anything in order to receive, except for, you know, set up your systems and occasionally talk about it and that kind of thing. What if you had a group coaching program instead of doing one, only focusing on one-on-one clients? What if you hosted a pay workshop for 50 $100 and had people come and pay you to do something like lit this, but in a paid format? I just want you to know that if things aren’t going well Financially for you and you’re focusing on the one-on-one client situation, there’s a lot that you can do in the meantime and also still get some one-on-one clients, and I hope that that helps you feel more excited about your possibilities and not more overwhelmed. And we’re gonna go back to that slide in a second because I want to include that. As you can see, most of those things are not requiring work and attention from you all the time, and this is where we talk about passive income. This is where we talk about making money while you sleep or while you’re helping a client or you take a week off or your on vacation or wherever it is having a situation in your business. It doesn’t require work and energy from you all the time because you don’t have to work to make money, and that is a money belief that we typically have and hate. Now we’re talking about our new money story. So the first time I actually made money in my sleep this is so embarrassing Canva did not exist, so this is why it looks the way that it does this was when I had a nutrition business, focus on digestive health. My name was well belly at the time for my business and this was a real food jumpstart. It was a 28 day real food program. It was for $28. I did not have an audience. I had a very small Email list that was basically my friends and family and past clients and things like that, and I had a personal Facebook page. I Use my personal Facebook page, which is like people I knew from college and high school friends and Equations as I met it, like the bar, you know, just very random people you know back in the day as well. I don’t know you, so use Facebook. But that’s how it was and I just posted about this on my personal page and I woke up one day and I had made $28 in my sleep. It actually happened in my sleep my first sale ever. That was passive and it was the coolest experience ever and that was really just so enlightening for me because you know, at that point, from that point on, I knew I could make as much money as I wanted because I had the ability to make income in my sleep or whenever I was doing anything else, and that was so cool. And this went on to make a decent chunk of change as I continued the 28 day real food jumpstart and promoting that on my personal Facebook page and then eventually on Instagram and things like that. It was just so cool and this is possible for you too. So I want to go back quickly and talk about how you can make this happen. If you have an e-book, maybe you post it on your website and Put a link to PayPal and you just talk about it. You share about it on your emails, you share about it on your Instagram, your personal Facebook page, whatever Audience you have, and you just talk about it. Maybe you have a paid workshop and you Send emails to register for your paid workshop and you post about it on social media and let people know. Like. There are just so many options. Brand partnerships if you have a brand of something that you know and love and you use regularly Almost all brands at this point have an affiliate program, sign up for that affiliate program and start talking about it as you’re using it and what you love about it. You can even do this is a great topic for a newsletter Talking about a brand that you love and how you use it. Do that, make a little change as you Get people to buy it. That is a really great opportunity and you can make some Significant passive income from brand partnerships. These days, you can create a course, have it running in the background all the time if it’s more of a DIY type course. Or you can host a group coaching program, which everyone here probably knows that I love group coaching programs. There’s so many options and you can generate passive income. Number six follow the rule of seven. People have to know about your paid offer to pay you. And this is probably the number one thing that I see, besides not having a dream client, is that you’re not talking about what you do and how you can help people enough. So the rule of seven in the general this is just general business and marketing rule. I did not make this up it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place. Seven interactions, that’s a lot. So you just saying once or twice, hey, I take clients for this and I do this, and I have this program, I have this course, I have this paid workshop once or twice or three or five times is not enough. You have to follow the rule of seven. You have to be consistently sharing about what you do. And here we are with case study number four. This is Carolina Arayola, who just graduated in as a naturopathic doctor and she actually came in to a sick business starter before she had graduated and she had nothing set up. She had no Instagram, no TikTok, nothing. But then, once she graduated and she could take clients or patients specifically, she went all in and followed the rule of seven, started posting on social media very regularly, still didn’t have really anything set up. She had a little bit of a website but hadn’t really done a whole lot. She used social media to her advantage and used the rule of seven and, as you can see, she now has 1,258 followers on Instagram, 2,140 followers on TikTok she’s really gotten into TikTok. But what’s cool about this is she has gotten clients just from this. All of her clients, all of her patients right now are from social media and it is not because she posts regularly or not. They’re like kind of sporadically and just kind of posts. Whatever she posts, very specifically about what she does, who she can help, how she can help them. And in every single post she says I’m signed up for a free consultation, I’m doing a free 15-minute consult right now. Let me know if you have any questions about how I can help you in every single post. So eventually people are going to read that seven times, maybe 10 times, maybe 20 times, and eventually reach out to her. And that is how she has gotten clients from the bat, as soon as she was ready and open for business. Super cool. And look, you get followers too. And lastly, number seven master magnetic messaging. Knowing how to actually sell means you’ll actually sell something. A lot of us don’t know how to sell and that is not our fault. We are not trained. We should like, why would we know that? But it takes some messaging to really understand and be able to do that. So what is messaging? Messaging in the business world refers to the words, phrases and language we use to communicate and connect deeply with our dream clients. Through messaging, we can help our audience understand how we can help them, why they need what we have to offer, the transformation that will happen when they take us up on that offer and the risks involved if they don’t pursue that offer. So basically, it’s how your dream clients know that you get them. That is so important the know, like and trust factor. Here we are again how do you get them? And essentially, messaging will become and is your marketing material. That’s really all you need to have. Amazing marketing is good messaging. I made this up on the fly. It’s not very good, but this will give you an example. Which one do you think would get more interest? I work with women going through menopause to ease their hormonal transition and menopause symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. When you sign up for my one-on-one client package, you’ll get two sessions per month with a customized nutrition supplement and lifestyle protocol to follow, based on your needs. Cool, great, not bad. Sounds interesting. But listen, menopause is no joke. It’s like you wake up one morning and you’re a completely different person. You’re hot, you’re tired, you’re grumpy All you want to do is sleep. But then, when bedtime comes, you’re wide awake, sweating through your PJs. And what is up with your weight? You haven’t changed a thing, but the scale is all over the place. Clearly something is up with your hormones and if you don’t figure it out quickly, you may lose your sanity, not to mention all your friends and loved ones. Give me three months and I’ll guide you through your own customized menopause protocol so you can feel like yourself again. Which one? Which one has a better connection? Which one feels like oh my gosh, this person gets me. How does she know? That’s exactly how I feel. I’m sweating through my PJs oh my gosh. This is so crazy. I have to learn more. That’s what we want. We can do it simply with our words, and all it takes is going back to your dream client and really, really knowing them. And I have a whole 29 question. Like it is this Bible essentially of magnetic messaging that will become your marketing material inside HBS and it has all these questions. That really helps you get to know your dream client and then you can take that information and put it into all of your marketing. And there you go, you have it. So what are their struggles and symptoms? Figure out their point A. Where are they right now? Where do they want to get to? So what are their goals and desires? Really get specific on this. Create a list of both. How can you get them from point A to point B? So what is the bridge? How are you going to help them with that journey? And then how will they feel? What will they experience after this transformation? Just think about those. That just gives you a starting off point for your messaging and it will help so, so much for you to connect to the right people. And so here we are. I’m not sure why you’re here today. Maybe you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to wrap your head around the business side of things, because really no one taught us this stuff. It could be that you’re frozen with stress, overwhelmed doubt or fear and not living out your passion and purpose because of it. Maybe you’ve seen other wellness business owners have the success that you desire and are determined to figure out their secrets, and maybe you’re just looking for support and guidance on your path to business badassery. Then I just want you to. I just want to remind you that it doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be complicated. There is no magic or special sauce that doesn’t apply to you. That level of income that you desire, that impact that you want to make, that business that you want to have and a business that complements your life is possible for you. I want you to know that you can make more money while working less. You can create a business that’s successful, impactful and stress free. You can help tons of people with their health and happiness without drowning in overwhelm, and you can build an empire without a degree in entrepreneurship. You can and you will, and you don’t, and you maybe shouldn’t do it on your own, but you can have all of this. I promise you that, and just imagine what it is like when you step into your power and go confidently, go after that business that you really want, when you build a business that creates more time and flexibility and financial freedom and fulfillment in your life when you put the right systems and processes in place that keep your business humming along even when you take time away from your screen, when you have dream clients lining up to work with you without any icky sales tactics. I hope you guys know I am not into that stuff. I will not teach you any of that stuff. You will not be going into anyone’s DMs and bugging them. That’s annoying. I hate that. You will not be doing that Effortlessly. Attract and engage audience without having to spend hours a day on social media because no one wants to do that either. You will always know the next steps to grow your business because you have a solid action plan. Overwhelm is officially a thing of the past. You will work less, play more, stress less, profit more. Just imagine what it will be like in your life, what your life will look like when you have all of that. There’s just this one thing, though, that I saw from a very young start in my business, because it happened to me too. I saw very early on wellness coaches and practitioners often don’t learn how to build a business while they’re getting trained and certified in their specialty. We have all this new knowledge. We have this grand idea for all these people that we can help in this business that we can have, but you haven’t learned how to build the business. You need a business to get clients and make money. How do you expect to help the people that you want to help and have the business that you want to have when you don’t know how? It’s such a problem that no one is talking about. It’s no secret that knowing and implementing the best marketing and business strategies the things that we talked about today knowing them and effectively implementing those that’s what will help your business. That is what will get you into the business of your dreams. It’s the right way, the only way to attract people into your work and help the people that you want to help. I saw this problem and I created a solution based on exactly what I knew I needed and wanted when I started my business, and I couldn’t find it. It didn’t exist. This is the Holistic Business Starter Program. It is an online business training program exclusively for wellness coaches and practitioners who want to build a business they love, without the messiness and overwhelm of doing it on their own. I love it. It’s just the best. We have the best time in there. It’s exactly what I needed, like I said. Now I have created it and it’s great. You are someone that would be great in there if you are a nutritionist, personal trainer, health coach, therapist, yoga pilates instructor, mindset life coach, energy worker, naturopath or any other wellness enthusiast that is tired of trying to figure out the next or first step to get their business off the ground. That feels out of sync with what they really want to be doing with their business and how to make it happen Once their business question answered ASAP, instead of spending hours scouring the internet which is what I had to do back in the day and is done wasting their precious time trying to DIY their business and wants the tried and tested strategies from someone who has been there and done that. Who doesn’t want to spend any more time watching everyone else’s business take off while they stay stuck not taking action. If you’re like most of my clients, you followed your passion for health, got your certifications, did the trainings and now you’re excited to have your very own thriving, impactful wellness business. But how do you actually do that? It’s a common position to be in, especially in the wellness space, because no one teaches you this whole business thing along the way. This trend is exactly why I’m here A passionate nutritionist turned business coach for wellness professionals because I’m done seeing wellness practitioners continue to play small in their business simply because they don’t know the right steps to take. If you’re like most wellness pros out there with a dream to start their own impactful, freedom filled business, you’ve probably spent hours trying to build your website, figure out what the heck to post on social media and taking all the courses to try to get confident in what you’re doing, or maybe just the thought of all that sends you into a puddle of stress and overwhelm. Good news you don’t need a perfect website, a killer Instagram strategy or to be an expert to have an impactful and successful business. What you do need is a plan. The wellness business blueprint is the jumpstart you need to plan, prepare and execute on your passion for helping others without that sinking feeling of overwhelm. Because this isn’t like the other stuffy, boring business plans out there. The wellness business blueprint is centered around you what feels good to you, what’s right for your business, your dreams and your lifestyle, what keeps you in alignment and your energy flowing, what allows you to stay sane and stress free and excited in your business, because building your dream wellness business starts with a plan that works for you. This free 15 page printable workbook will take you through my signature flow and grow business framework so you can create your own business vision while gaining clarity, structure and a solid plan to move forward. Download it today and get started on your business blueprint. Head to that stands for wellness business blueprint and get started building your dream wellness business today. Again, that’s

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