What to do during “mean girl” moments — Ep. 24

We all have one — that mean girl, inner critic, Ego voice in our heads that tells us we’re not enough, we’re not worthy, we need to look and act a certain way. It’s the voice that comes through based on your stories and limiting beliefs and will continue to keep you stuck until you learn what to do when it comes up.

Doing the work to get Unstuck calms down your mean girl voice so your intuition or inner guidance can come through loud and clear. That voice that always knows the right path for you. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have mean girl moments again. Instead, we just need to know what to do to put it back in its place!

In this episode, we’ll go over my 5-step process for dealing with your mean girl when she does show up (because she will) so you can get back to peace, presence, and joy. It’s all about acknowledgment, understanding, and, of course, love, for that piece of you.


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