Stop waiting, start doing — Ep. 25

So, you now know what you want to come into your life, but are you taking any action steps to get there? Or are you stuck in a pattern of excuses, indecision, or autopilot-mode? Maybe you’re taking action but forcing it to come together by effort-ing instead of taking inspired action?

When you’re working on creating a positive mindset, a high-vibe life, and using your intuition and the law of attraction to get the life you want, it can be confusing to know what steps to take to get you there. You don’t want to force it, you want to listen to your intuition and get signs from the Universe, but then that can easily turn into waiting instead of doing, inaction instead of inspired action.

In this episode, I’m here to give you some tough love on the waiting, effort-ing, and inaction you’ve been doing. We’ll break down what’s really going on when you stall, make excuses, or continue to force action steps. We’ll look at what may be going on if you’re not getting signs on the next steps for you to take, and I’ll tell you the one thing you need to do to make sure you’re still moving the needle towards the life you want.


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Let’s go to the show!



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