Using your mind + energy to heal your body with Christina Rice, NTP — Ep. 28

In this episode, I interview my friend and colleague Christina Rice of on how she made her way from sickness to health by tapping into and using her mindset, vibrational energy, and chakra system to find wellness and balance. 

We get into her history with early age depression, being thin-shamed while facing extreme illness, finding body acceptance, learning her worth beyond her physical form, learning to trust her intuition, and how she found energy medicine along the way.

As a certified Reiki practitioner, Christina teaches us about the power of Reiki and looking into your chakras to determine your health status and what needs healing mentally and emotionally. It is an interview full of amazing stories and insight!

Learn more from Christina at:


Podcast: Wellness Realness

IG: christinaricewellness



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