Listener Q&A: “My family gets me out of alignment, help!” — Ep. 32

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Podcast

Do you ever feel like you’re in a great mood with all of the positive emotions and high vibes…until you get around your family?! You love them, and their great, but for some reason, your mood changes shift whenever they’re around? You are SO not alone! Family is often the source of both our positive and negative emotions, sometimes within the same few minutes.

Listener question: When my husband and daughter come home, my vibration lowers. I get grumpy, irritable, and short with them. Why do I do this? 

Maintaining a high-vibe as a parent, sibling, or child is possible, and it’s all in the stories you carry and what you’re telling yourself about your family, often subconsciously. In this episode, we’re going over what those stories might be and how you can reframe them to provide the positive emotions and high-vibe energy you want when spending quality time with your family. We’ll look at some of the specifics that happen as a parent when you feel like you have to be and do everything.


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