Are trapped emotions keeping you stuck? — Ep. 6

When we feel stuck in any area of our life, what we’re really witnessing is stuck energy. And, many times, the root cause of our stuck energy is actually stuck emotion — emotions that get ignored and stuffed instead of felt and processed. 

Why do we do that to ourselves?! We’ve gotten really good at ignoring and stuffing our tough emotions instead of feeling through them. This stuck emotion then manifests itself in both our physical body and energy body, causing a lack of flow in both. It’s not until we can find and release those trapped emotions that we can then get unstuck.

That’s exactly what we’ll do in this episode! First, we’ll go over why we choose not to feel these negative emotions which is often an unconscious decision. Then, we’ll go over the three things you need to do to “unstick” your emotions and energy so you can get into a higher vibration, find a place of flow, connect to your intuition, and enjoy the journey!

Let’s go to the show!



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