When Negative Emotion Lowers Your Vibe — Ep. 69

We all have days when we feel we are having low energy, negative and oppressive emotions. So if you find yourself constantly feeling these emotions, you are experiencing low vibrations. Having these feelings or emotions can be connected to a huge spectrum of reasons or situations, but one thing is for sure, it is an essential part of the process to raise your vibration.

In this episode, I shared a list of do’s and don’t to go through if you are experiencing chronic low vibe-ness to help you accept and understand that the only way to truly and authentically find a high vibe life and a high vibe place is to work through all your emotions, including the negative ones.

“Negative low vibe emotions are actually good… it’s all part of the process. All emotions are good, all emotions are necessary and all emotions are going to happen.” – Shawn Mynar



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