Finding Your Personal Power In The Workplace with Laura Weldy — Ep. 86

My guest this week, Laura Weldy, is a Certified Leadership Coach and a lifelong feminist who helps women become confident leaders in the workplace.

Laura and I have so much in common! Laura was a listener of the Keto for Women Show and attributes her focus on getting physically healthy with her ability to work on her mindset. Then, we both ended up in the same program for NLP and mindset coaching.

Now, Laura helps women maximize their growth and potential to become a leader. She advocates for women to find their voice through her Personal Power Code System to bring out confidence and leadership in the corporate arena.

“New information leads to new action leads to new results.” – Laura Weldy

“Women have so much to offer and they need the support to understand how they can manifest their dream career and how they can impact others… and it’s about developing their personal power.” – Laura Weldy

“Confident communication is the outer work component and the inner work is believing in yourself and that’s the core of confidence.” – Laura Weldy

“Create your vision for how you could impact the people around you, how you could lift up others, how you could utilize your power in a way that is ethical and helps other people and you’re going to be motivated to do what you gotta do to get there.” – Laura Weldy

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00:47 – Guest introduction & How Laura and I knew each other

09:02 – How Laura got in the women’s career success

11:18 – Laura starting her NLP and coaching journey

15:07 – Understanding confidence and the outer and inner work needed

22:10 – Reframing your mind to be more confident

24:31 – Other factors that women encounter that make them feel stuck in their workplace

30:33 – The importance of personality and how it affects in your workplace

32:17 – Personal Power Code questions



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