Fasting 101: Part 1 – What It Looks Like, Who Should Do It, What To Expect — #021

I’ve decided to tackle the massive topic within the keto community that is FASTING.  I have so much to say on the subject that I’m devoting two whole episodes to it!  In this episode, we cover the basics of fasting, plus I cover my own personal experience with fasting and what I learned from that experience. Hint: I’m still incorporating fasting. 🙂

  • What it means to fast and the history
  • What a fasting protocol looks like – types, lengths, and what you CAN have
  • My personal story with fasting
  • Tips to make fasting easier
  • Do you need to be in ketosis to fast?
  • What to expect when you fast
  • Working out while fasting



The advice and opinions in The Keto For Women show are intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical care.  Please always consult your medical professional for your specific health concerns.

Check out this episode!



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