Healing Adrenals Vs. Insulin Resistance, Food Quality On A Budget, Keto And Insomnia, Keto Quickstart Tips + More! — #076

by | Nov 26, 2018 | ketoforwomen

We have another Keto Hot Seat episode for you with questions that make for some very interesting topics. And like I always say, any information that helps us to become the healthiest and happiest we can be is good for us. So let’s dive in!

Keto Hot Seat Questions Answered in This Episode:

  • How can we eat healthy on a budget?
  • Insulin resistance versus adrenal fatigue — which is more important to tackle first?
  • What do you do for ketosis and insomnia?
  • Is keto a sustainable lifestyle?
  • How can we increase our testosterone levels without medication?
  • Which hormones that affect mainly women are most impacted by the keto lifestyle?
  • Can CBD oils help with anxiety, joint pain, and inflammation?
  • What is an easy way to start being keto?

Key Takeaways:

  • For you and your family, it will always be the best thing health-wise and the best thing budget-wise to eat real food.
  • It will be pretty much impossible to completely become insulin sensitive and get this really great fasting insulin number while you still have adrenal fatigue. Blood sugar issues will continue to keep your adrenals taxed and your adrenals being taxed will continue to promote blood sugar issues.
  • If you have low testosterone, you will have a poor libido, you will be unable to gain muscle, you will have no energy, and you won’t even be able to improve in your workouts.
  • Keto has two different ways it can go — it can get into this place of being really stressful for the body or it can be a really healthy, healing protocol when done in the proper way for us as women.

Action Steps:

  • Eat real food. Skip the processed food.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene to get a better quality of sleep, to help your adrenals and insulin resistance.
  • If you have blood sugar issues, make sure that you work out.
  • Figure out your stress levels and what causes your stress.
  • Increase your testosterone levels by lifting weights.



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Take care!


Shawn said:

“Remember how important the mentality around the foods that you’re eating right now and as we move into the holiday season. We don’t have to beat ourselves up. We don’t have to feel bad if we accidentally ate something that we’re now not really all that excited that we ate.”

“No matter what you subscribe to as far as your eating style, whether it’s keto, paleo, vegan, whatever it may be… just get the real food, skip the processed food.”


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