How To Start Keto Without Counting Macros, Being Intuitive After Strict Keto + More! — #085

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We have a really great Keto Hot Seat episode in store for you! Get to know my business manager, Kristin, as she co-hosts the show with me and helps me get through all the questions that you’ve sent. We talk about a variety of things that will hopefully help you get to the healthiest, happiest place that you can be with keto!

Keto Hot Seat Questions Answered in This Episode:

  • How do you get started on keto the non-traditional way (i.e. not counting macros) and just using your body?
  • What is ‘real food’?
  • How long can it take to start feeling the benefits of a keto diet?
  • How can you put yourself in a more relaxed outlook on your keto eating while finding the sweet spot for your body?
  • What might be the reason that you’re craving fat?
  • Is it possible that your body cannot tolerate too much protein?
  • What might be the reason that you’re experiencing food coma when you eat a big piece of steak?
  • Is it unusual to suddenly find meat, poultry, pork, and eggs repulsive?

Key Takeaways:

  • ‘Real food’ don’t have ingredient labels on them. They either come from an animal or grown and harvested from the earth.
  • There’s a ton of reasons why you may not be feeling the benefits of ketosis. These include adrenal issues, hormonal imbalances, not sleeping well, and imbalanced blood sugar.
  • Just because you have somehow determined on some sort of macronutrient calculator what your fat ratio should be and you’re eating more than that, it does not mean that you’re going over the amount that you should be eating nor that you should ignore your cravings. It means that you should not be focusing on those numbers and focusing instead on your body that is saying, “I need more fat.”
  • Dairy addiction is a real thing. Especially if you started eating more dairy while trying to get into ketosis, you could possibly become addicted to dairy.
  • We all should be experimenting with our protein intake and finding that sweet spot where we do tolerate it, we feel really good, we don’t have these blood sugar swings when we eat it, and still build muscle, feel good in our workouts, and have this nice mental clarity and all that stuff that we want to feel when we have this perfect ratio for us.
  • Food coma is also applicable to high-protein eating, especially when you are someone who has issues with insulin resistance or if you’re prediabetes, diabetes, or just have wonky blood sugar.
  • We want to get to that point where we’re eating the maximum amount of protein that we can eat, without it being in excess and without us having this blood sugar response.
  • Having any sort of fat along with your protein will help tone down the effects that it has on your blood sugar.

Action Steps:

  • Get started on keto the non-traditional way.
  • Always eat ‘real food’.
  • Gradually take out your higher-carb foods and replace them with fat-based foods and maybe more protein.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and have a serving of meat at every meal.
  • Have at least two to three servings of fat at every single meal.
  • Eat only fat-based snacks.
  • If you’re not feeling the benefits of being in ketosis, gather more information about yourself to get a full picture of where your health is at. For example, track your blood sugar levels. Ideally, you don’t want it to ever get above 130 or any lower than 75.
  • Relax on your diet, take a break from calculating and tracking your macros, and just get back to living and enjoying life. Go do something fun that has nothing to do with your diet and get out of that hole that you’ve now dug about keto.
  • Experiment with your protein intake and find your sweet spot.
  • Be mindful that you don’t eat the same stuff over and over and over again and end up creating food sensitivities.



One of my goals for 2019 is to meet as many of you guys in person as possible. So I have decided to do meet-ups when I go to the NTA Annual Conference in Portland and the KetoCon in June, and when I’m in L.A. for Expo West. So if you want to meet me as much as I want to meet you, have it be on your radar and watch out for the official announcement of when and where the meet-ups will be in the upcoming episode! You can also find all of the information for everything I’m going to try to do this year at

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As always, if you have any questions, be on the lookout for the next Keto Hot Seat call for questions on Facebook and Instagram.

Take care!

Shawn said:

“You can’t listen to what your body is telling you, you can’t do what’s right for you when you’re so focused on what everyone else is doing… Just get back to your own life, your own body, your own health, and chill with it all.”

“Trust the process. Stop comparing. Remember the ultimate goal in life is just to live it and enjoy it every single moment and let it all just go… If you’re feeling really, really good or you’re noticing great improvements with your health, then keep doing that.”


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