How To Get Out of a Funk

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Mindset

Today I want to talk about how to get out of a funk. Those funks. We all have them; we all know them. No one is immune to them. We need to talk about this now because I think a lot of us have been in more funks than usual these days. Either because you’re stuck at home with your kids all day, or because you’re working overtime, or maybe because you’re feeling isolated from your family and friends. There are soooooo many reasons to be in a funk right now. 

in a funk

So what is a funk?

A funk is a bad mood, a slump, just feeling blah, icky, burned out, stressed, sad, mad, frustrated, bored, and/or anxious. 

Clearly, funks are riddled with negative emotions and low vibes. And I think one common theme with funks is that a lot of times we don’t even know why we’re in one! There may not have been one thing that got us down; it just kinda came on either through a series of things, or from something we didn’t think would affect us, so it’s not even in our awareness. Sometimes we just wake up in a funk… Ya know, a wrong-side-of-the-bed kind of deal.

Also, funks tend to drag on. They really can hang with us for longer than the initial “thing” that spurred the bad mood. They can last for days or weeks. 

So that’s what I think of as a funk – an extended bad mood without any definitive cause.

Is it wrong to be in a funk?

Now I’d like to make it very, very clear that there is NOTHING wrong with being in a funk. As I said, we have all had them and we all will have them. It doesn’t make you a bad person, a low-vibe person, or someone who is doomed to never manifest what they want. 

Funks are normal and okay, and actually they can be a really good thing for your vibration — when you practice what we’re going to chat about today. There are actually a ton of benefit to exploring your emotions… ALL emotions


Before we move on, let me address one more thing: if your funk doesn’t let up and is affecting your sleep, work, relationship, or self-care, please seek professional medical attention. 

You can have both.


Anna Funder


Dolly Parton

To me, this says you can still be the light even when there is some darkness around you. 

You can still be going with the current of life even when there are bumps along the way.

The important thing here is that funks don’t make you turn and start forcing your way upstream, going against the current of life… that you don’t start living within those bad moods… that they don’t start dictating your life.

How to Get Out of a Funk

And this is why I want to provide some steps to get you out of a funk. Not because you shouldn’t ever be in one, but because we don’t want one taking over. Instead we want to learn and grow from a funk and come out even better on the other side!

1. Acknowledgement

Acknowledge that you’re in a funk, and that you’re allowing it into your life. This is where it actually will raise your vibration to be in a funk, because you can use it as a means to get to know yourself better and dig into your feelings instead of shying away from them.

Pretending you’re fine when you’re not, or trying to force a feeling when you really feel the opposite will keep you in a low vibe. And that can also last much longer than just staying in tune with yourself, staying curious and open to your emotions, and letting yourself express what you need. You don’t even need to know why you feel what you do, you just need to know that you feel the way you do and honor it.

2. Awareness

Can you learn more about what you need? There’s a reason why you’re feeling a negative emotion. It’s because your body, mind, and soul need something.  What is that thing? Discover what it is, and then do it! Is it more sleep? A hug? A good conversation? Some alone time? Some connection (virtual)? A way to be creative with a new hobby or project? Some fresh air? Some exercise? A good cry or a good laugh? Digging into your need is just another way to continue building that connection with yourself, which, again, is a very high-vibe thing to do! Honoring your needs?! Yes, please! 

3. If you don’t know what it is you need, take some fool-proof action.

Here are five go-to action steps that are guaranteed to make a difference in how you feel:

  • Meditate – take some time for quiet mindfulness.
  • Appreciate – make a gratitude list to gain perspective.
  • Move – get your body moving and call up those endorphins.
  • Air – get outside for some deep breaths of fresh air.
  • Sleep – take a nap or go to bed early.

4. Disconnect from digital life and re-connect with your real life.

Social media, TV, movies… They may be our go-to when we want to disconnect from what’s going on with us and lose ourselves in something else, BUT, quite often other people’s lives fuel our own negativity, even without us knowing it. Feelings of comparison, competition, lack, low self-esteem, low self-worth, etc, simply are not helpful.

Instead, reconnect with the good in YOUR life. Call up a real friend; check on a real neighbor.

5. Random Acts of Kindness

Never underestimate how much generosity and kindness can impact your own vibe.

6. Crystals

Many crystals are known to absorb negative energy, either external or internal. If you’re feeling a negative emotion, you can use these crystals to protect you from outside vibes, while also transmuting your own negative energy into a more positive place. How cool!

7. Let go and trust.

What thought, feeling, or action can you let go of? Where can you find more trust with your universal plan?


Next time you’re in a funk, say this out loud:

“I’m in a funk, and right now I need _______.”



Listen to this Unstuck Podcast episode, In a Funk? How To Get Out.

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