2018 Keto Holiday Gift Guide

It’s my favorite time of year! Now is my chance to go through all of the things I have been into lately and pass that information on to you in the form of gift ideas. It’s a fun task for the online shopper in me. This year, I am sticking with the theme of healthy, non-toxic living. The list below will give you some great ideas for those in your life who you are really into that kind of thing already, just now getting involved in making healthy changes, or haven’t yet begun and need a little nudge in the form of a gift! (I think that covers pretty much everyone we know.) Now, let’s get shopping! Warning: you may end up shopping more for yourself with this list than anyone else.

For The One That Likes To Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

Artisana Organics Holiday Nut Butters

I am fully, 100% in love with Artisana Organics nut butters. When I saw they had limited edition holiday nut butter flavors in Peppermint Chocolate Coconut Butter, Chai Spiced Almond Butter, and Gingerbread Pecan Butter, I was beyond excited and also really bummed that I had to wait to get them shipped to me before I could dig in. Well worth the wait! Artisana is at the top of my list for nut butters because all of their nuts are organic, raw, and ethically-sourced. By doing this, they are providing the highest quality of nuts with the nutrient profile still intact, untouched by harmful heat and roasting practices, and nuts that haven’t been treated with the chemicals and pesticides that are heavily used in the nut industry.

I don’t know if there’s anyone that wouldn’t love these holiday nut butter flavors! What a great gift to give to your foodie friend, a helpful teacher, or your hair stylist that has saved you from a hair disaster on multiple occasions.

Keto For Women listeners: Use coupon code KETO4WOMEN for 15% off your first online order!


Rasa Koffee Bag O’ Rasa and Artisan Mug

There is no better way to break a caffeine addiction than with Rasa Koffee. This adaptogenic herbal coffee alternative not only hits the warm-beverage-in-the-morning spot, but also helps heal the adrenals, balance cortisol levels, and provide stable mood and energy. It is great mixed with coffee to decrease caffeine intake or on its own blended with MCT oil, coconut cream, and/or ghee. 

Do you know someone who is a little too dependent on their constant coffee habit (ahem…you?) and needs a subtle hint that there’s a better way to get energy and heal their body at the same time? This gift set, complete with a super cool designer mug, is the perfect step in the right, caffeine-free, direction! 

Use coupon code SHAWN for 10% off your purchase!


Four Sigmatic Superfood Mushroom Starter Kit

I know, drinking mushrooms sounds weird. But, once you read about the massive benefits these magic, superfood (totally legal) mushrooms have on our health status and taste these Four Sigmatic warm beverages, you’ll be a believer! First things first, they do not taste like mushrooms whatsoever. Instead, they are rich, frothy warm beverages that taste just the way they should. The coffee tastes like coffee, the matcha tastes like matcha, and so on. Daily doses of these mixes support the immune system, provide neuroprotective benefits, manage stress, improve sleep, enhance energy, and increase antioxidant intake.

If there’s someone in your life that’s super into the latest health trends and loves trying new things to improve their lifestyle, the Mushroom Starter Kit from Four Sigmatic is the perfect thing to keep them on the cutting edge. This kit includes is a great mushroom introduction, including all of their best products – Mushroom Coffee, Mushroom Matcha, Mushroom Hot Cacao. They will love it and feel it, I promise!

Use coupon code SHAWN for 10% off your order!



Yes, a box of meat is an interesting choice for a holiday gift but, if the person remotely likes good meat, they will love you forever for gifting them with a box of ButcherBox. This is by far the best meat I have ever had in my life and I am what you would call a meat snob. ButcherBox prides themselves on the sourcing and quality of the meat they offer, only getting 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and heritage pork. Plus, they ship right to your door…my idea of convenience food!

I love this gift idea for a new family or someone who is low on time, but still values high-quality food. They will be able to nosh on high-quality meat for weeks to come and think of your generosity every time they do! Right now, ButcherBox is offering $40 off plus FREE bacon to any new customers for the month of December. What a deal!


Teatulia Sampler Gift Sets

Tea is another one of those products that you don’t quite understand the difference in quality until you taste it. All it takes is one sip of high-quality, properly-sourced, organic tea and you will never go back! Teatulia is the kind of company that cares about so much more than just making a profit. They are a company that gives back to the planet, to their farmers, and to the consumer. They have their own USDA-certified organic garden in Bangladesh where they have created great jobs for an impoverished community. They use only natural farming methods to continue to restore and regenerate good soil for future generations. Even there packaging is made from post-consumer waste! On top of that, there teas are award-winning in flavorful. Is there anything they haven’t thought of?!

Tea samplers make the best gifts for so many people on your list! A good cup of tea is always in season, never goes out of style, and appreciated by anyone who likes tea. These sampler sets come in a few different varieties including energy, herbal, and classic. The energy tea is a unique blend of herbal teas with an ancient, energizing herb…very intriguing!


Primal Palate Spice Sets

With Primal Palate spices, you and your loved ones will have a whole new appreciation for high-quality, organic, properly grown herb and spice combos. I first tried PP spices about a year ago and I have been absolutely hooked ever since. I never knew spices could be this flavorful. My meals go like this: put ButcherBox meat in InstantPot, add Primal Palate spice of choice and salt, cook. And it comes out tasting like I’ve mastered some sort of flavor profile, all thanks to the spices.

These spice packs make excellent gifts for both the expert chef and novice cook. The fun combos in each pack make for some good experimenting in the kitchen. The Signature Blends Gift Set is a must for all people. I also love the flavors in the Food Lovers Pack. It’s a great gift to make a tradition too, every year adding to the spice collection!


For The One Who Wants To Get Truly Healthy in 2019

Fat Burning Female Project

For the first time ever, there is now the option to give my flagship course, the Fat Burning Female Project, as a gift! Do you have a lady in your life that would benefit from becoming fat fueled to heal their body while learning how to make this healthy change into a lifestyle they can do forever? Get them enrolled in the FBFP and started on their health journey in 2019! This gift option is only available for the upcoming January 2019 class and comes at a great time when most people are ready to make a change for the better. By participating in a supportive group class with like-minded women and a nutritionist (that’s me!), that healthy mindset will continue well beyond the typical die-off of New Year’s Resolutions, so you truly will be giving the gift of long-lasting health. It’s a life-changer for sure!

To gift Fat Burning Female Project enrollment, head here. You will then be given a unique coupon code for your loved one to use when they are ready to register that will make cancel out the cost to enroll for them. It’s that simple!

Maybe it’s you that wants the gift of easy, fat-fueled health! If so, put this web address on your list or send it directly in an email as a not-at-all-subtle hint. You’ll be so happy you did!


For The One That Spends Time In The Kitchen


I think this item has been on my Holiday Gift Guide every year since I got one myself 3 years ago. It still ranks in the top 5 best gifts ever to both get and give! The InstantPot is a modern day pressure cooker—meaning you don’t have to worry about it blowing up your house. I like to think of it as a “not slow slow cooker”. Everything you would make in a slow cooker can be done in an InstantPot in a fraction of the time. You can also quickly steam and sauté things too. I use my InstantPot to make shredded chicken, pork, and beef, hardboiled eggs, steamed veggies, soups and chili, and even to soften things like spaghetti squash. Not a week goes by that I’m not mindlessly throwing something in my InstantPot with some spices and having a delicious dish 30 minutes later. The cook in your life will SO appreciate this gift! There are also quite a few recipes and cookbooks out there now dedicated to this kitchen gadget wonder so they can easily start using it right away.


Cast Iron Skillet

Between my InstantPot and Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, I make about 95% of my meals and they all turn out pretty darn good. Not because of my cooking ability, but because of the tools I use to cook them. That’s why I truly believe that anyone who remotely likes cooking and/or delicious food (I think that covers everyone.) needs both. Cast iron skillets do a great job of heating evenly and thoroughly, while also being free of harmful chemicals found in other types of pans. They are super durable too. I know I will have my cast iron for 20 more years, at least. Know someone who is still using teflon pans? Get them a cast iron stat!


Immersion Blender

I would have never made it in the keto world without an immersion blender. It made my transition to a high fat diet so easy because I could load up on homemade mayo, ranch dressing, pesto, and frothy fatty coffees. Do your keto friends a favor and gift them this handheld blender this holiday season so they too can enjoy putting healthy, dairy-free keto ranch on ev-ery-thing. Cute idea: turn it into a gift basket and add in all of the ingredients for a Bulletproof coffee along with the blender!


Ninja 4-in-1 Blender And Food Processor

I have to admit, I’m still a newbie at this Ninja-that-does-everything, but I can already tell you that you’re probably going to want one for yourself. Put this on your list or have it be the gift you give yourself. I love it because it has taken the place of 3 different tools in my kitchen – the blender, the food processor, and the spiralizer – and it does it all better than my old ones. Who doesn’t want to be able to make the perfect cauli-rice, zoodles, keto cookie dough, and smoothies all with the same tool?


For The One That’s Always On The Go

Avocado Slicer

The World’s most beloved fruit deserves its own tool! This perfect little stocking stuffer is an easy and convenient way to cut and slice avocados without accidentally slicing your own finger along the way. If you or someone you know is like me and takes whole avocados on planes, to the office, along for errands, etc., this avocado slicer will be the key to success!


Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Pack

We all know by now the harmful effect plastic straws have on the health of our planet, particularly to bodies of water and the creatures living there. While that is probably motivation enough to give up plastic, single-use straws wherever you can, I have another reason—fun, color-coded stainless steel straws! While we can’t necessarily control how many straws our used in coffee shops and restaurants, we can all do our part to take the plastic straws out of our home. That person you know who uses straws for their smoothies and other beverages? Gift them a pack of reusable straws! I love this pack because they come in multiple sizes and diameters, plus have removable silicone colored caps to protect lips and to differentiate different users. This makes it a great gift option for a family too.


Contigo Stainless Steel Water Bottle

My minimalist lifestyle doesn’t leave much room to have collections of things, but if there was something I collect, it’s water bottles, mainly because it requires a lot of trial and error to find the perfect one. Well, I’ve done the work so you don’t have to start a collection too! The Contigo stainless steel water bottle is does it all. It keeps liquid cold or hot for a LONG time. It seals after use for zero spills. It fits into cup holders. It doesn’t break if you drop it all.the.time. And, it’s not plastic! Dehydration is becoming an epidemic. The best way to combat that is to find a way to make drinking water enjoyable. The Contigo does just that! Use this gift as a subtle hint to the person in your life who needs to drink more water.


Glass Meal Prep Containers

Many of us can agree that the key to making sure there is always healthy food available is to plan ahead. Meal prep is key! I’ve always loved the idea of meal prep containers to pack up full lunches with all of the components in one piece. But, I didn’t love the plastic used because I really make a conscious effort to use as little plastic as possible, especially around my food (in case you couldn’t already tell by this list). Problem solved! These glass meal prep containers have 3 compartments and are a large enough size so you can stuff it full of your favorite meats, veggies, and fats and take it along with you to work, while traveling, or in the car. Another great option for anyone in your world who is eating on-the-go and making the effort to stay healthy while doing so.


For The One That Needs To Chill Out

SaunaSpace Sauna

Yes, this is a big ticket item, but for good reason! Having a portable infrared sauna set up in your home is the epitome of luxury, but with a massive positive health impact too. Everyone around will use it and love it over and over again, so it will be worth the investment, no question. I invested in my SaunaSpace over a year ago and already feel like I have gotten my investment back in what it has done to my health, my body, and my mind. While there are many benefits on NIR saunas, including cell restoration and detoxification, the best thing that it does for me is stress reduction, improvement in sleep, and skin rejuvenation. This is the ultimate gift of health and healing for the whole family!


Primally Pure

The best way to get into a self-care routine at home (which we all need to do) is to have beautiful, organic, natural products that you and your skin love. Primally Pure products do just that! Their gift sets are my absolute favorite gifts to share with all of the ladies in my life. I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love their products. If you have someone new to non-toxic skin care, the Starter Kit is the best introduction. It includes deodorant, everything spray, body butter, and 3 lip balms. Have a lady in your life who loves a good bath? The Spa Kit includes a dry brush, sea soak, flower bath, and body oil for a true at-home spa experience. Do you know a new mom this holiday season? The Baby Kit is a great option for both mom and baby. It includes baby oil, baby powder, baby balm, and baby bar. Of course, all of these products are made of simple, clean, non-toxic ingredients that provide skin with the nutrients it needs to glow!

Use coupon code KETO4WOMEN for 10% off!


Custom Me-Time Kit

This DIY gift box idea is a must for the ladies in your life who are trying to do it all and not taking anytime for themselves. So, you are going to gift them with all of the necessary items for the perfect me-time! While every ladies idea of me-time is a little different, I think most women can get behind a good book, a lovely scented soy candle, and a journal to capture thoughts and feelings. The stressed out lady in your life will so appreciate this forced relaxation you are about to gift her!

Here’s what to include:

Soy Candle
Inspirational Journal

Chill Out Books:

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest
You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero
Gift Of Imperfection by Brene Brown

There we have it—my gift guide of healthy goodies for everyone on your list, including you!


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