Keto Q&A: Carbs for Hypothyroid?, Should You Eat Less Fat To Lose Fat?, Is Keto Bad For Gut Health?, and When To Start Intermittent Fasting? — #012

So much info packed into one episode!  This week, I’m answering your questions in another installment of Keto Q&A.  Before I dive into questions this week, we’ll spend some time at the beginning learning more details on the who, what, why, and how of The Fat Burning Female Project – my online course that helps women get into ketosis safely, effectively, and in a fun environment.  Then, we move on to the most popular questions I get about the keto lifestyle.


  • What happens in The Fat Burning Female Project, who is a good candidate for it, and who is NOT a good candidate.
  • Question #1:  Is keto bad for the thyroid?  Should I include more carbs?
  • Question #2:  If I need to lose fat, should I eat less fat on my keto diet so my body burns fat stores?
  • Question #3:  Will keto negatively affect our gut health and good bacteria?
  • Question #4:  When should I start incorporating intermittent fasting?


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