Keto Roadblocks

A Keto For Women Video Series

For those ladies not yet reaping the keto benefits…

even though you’re in ketosis.

Watch these quick lessons to determine some roadblocks that may be stalling your keto progress.

#1 – Blood Sugar

The swings in your blood sugar, even when in ketosis, could be keeping you stuck. And, it’s an issue you may not even know you’re dealing with because your doctor isn’t running one critical test to give you all of the information you need. Learning more about where your blood sugar stands is an important piece of information we should all know about ourselves.

#2 – Your Metabolism

If you come from a past of low-calorie diets and restriction, your metabolism probably suffered in the process. This is the typical case of a diet “working” until it doesn’t—the body downregulates its function to compensate with the lowered amount of energy coming in. Weight loss stalls and weight gain occur, even when you’re doing everything “right”. Keto can help boost your metabolism back up IF you let it.

#3 – Hormonal Imbalance

You can be doing everything right, but if your hormones are out of balance, nothing will work. Testing your hormones is the BEST way to truly understand your body. Seek out a functional health practitioner in your area who can work with you to order and interpret the necessary tests. Test, don’t guess!

#4 – Your Lifestyle

What you’re putting on your plate is only a small portion of your life! There are so many other variables that could be causing your body to stay stuck in a stressed out place, making all of your efforts much harder to realize.

#5 – Food Sensitivities

It is SO common for women to start eating more of the foods they are sensitive to when they start a ketogenic diet without even knowing it! Looking into your gut health and food sensitivities if keto isn’t working for you could be the one missing piece of information you need to turn a corner. Seek out a functional health practitioner who prioritizes gut health and undestand the healing benfits of a ketogenic diet.

#6 – Eating The Wrong Macros For You

If you’ve been following typical keto macros perfectly and not feeling great, maybe it’s because those particular macros don’t work for YOU. It’s important to find the version of keto that works for you and you can make a lifestyle. This is something I teach how to do in The Fat Burning Female Project and talk about ALL the time on my podcast, The Keto For Women Show, because it really is THAT important.

#7 – Protein Intake

One step to finding out the right macros for you is experimenting with protein intake. This one is so important it deserves its own video. It is an important nutrient and finding your goldilocks zone of protein will make all the difference to your version of keto.

#8 – Toxic Overload

If your body is toxic and liver overburdened, it’s going to be hard for anything to make you feel better. Taking steps to clear your life of toxins could be the missing piece you haven’t yet thought about.

#9 – Restricting Calories

If your keto diet includes skipping meals and eating less overall food, you may be causing more damage to your body than good. As a woman, getting enough nutrients—both macro and micro —is the key to creating and maintaining a healthy body. Lowering food intake is NOT recommended as part of a healthy ketogenic diet for women. This is the basis for the Fat Burning Female Project that makes it a truly life-changing, health-gaining program.

#10 – Lack Of Movement

Not enough women are taking their fitness routine seriously and that desperately needs to change. Please don’t get frustrated with your body when you haven’t yet addressed your need to build muscle and strengthen your cardiovascular system.


If any of these common roadblocks resonated with you, I’d love to help you through them! I work with keto ladies through these roadblocks on a daily basis in my 6-week, self-guided course The Fat Burning Female Project. Click below to learn more about the course and get started now!

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