How To Know If You’re Stuck + What To Do About It — #127

by | Nov 15, 2019 | ketoforwomen

How can you tell if you’re stuck? And what can you do to get unstuck? In this episode, I take you over to the Unstuck podcast and give you a taste of what we’re doing over there so you can see if it applies to you.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What you need to look for to see if you’re stuck
  • How to get unstuck
  • Definitions of being stuck versus being unstuck
  • The physical symptoms of being stuck
  • The mental and emotional symptoms of being stuck
  • Life circumstances that are signs of being stuck

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important for you to understand what it means when mental or emotional blocks manifest in your physical body.
  • Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions manifest themselves both in your physical body and your life circumstances.
  • When you are stuck, it means you have an energy block or an energy miscommunication somewhere. It could be in your physical body or your mental and emotional space.
  • When you’re unstuck, everything just flows. Your health is good, your life is good, your thoughts are positive. There are no blocks, no resistance, no forcing and no massive efforting. Everything just seems to come naturally and easily.

Action Steps:

  • Learn how to get unstuck.
  • Don’t just focus on your physical symptoms but look at your mental and emotional health as well.
  • List out all the “stuck” symptoms you have.
  • Build awareness of your thoughts. Notice where they tend to go — positive or negative.


Check out the Unstuck podcast! It is full of short, sweet, no-fluff mindset tools, ideas, concepts, and action items for you to get into a better mindset no matter what your current mindset is. 

Shawn said:

“We can’t turn our backs to the mental and emotional healing that needs to happen when you need physical healing as well. It is a part of your entire healing protocol.”

“You are going to feel like a different person with a whole new outlook, and your physical body will feel better too, as soon as you learn how to get unstuck.”

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