It’s time to change your mindset.

Cleaning up your diet is great. Starting an exercise program is necessary. Taking a handful of supplements may help. But the REAL work and the REAL change happens when you shift your mindset.

It’s not optional; it’s a must.

So if you feel like you’ve made so much progress yet something’s still missing, it’s time to turn inward. Don’t worry, I got you! I’ve been hard at work creating ways to support and guide you through this challenging yet essential process. Rewiring your brain and thought patterns are absolutely life-changing, and if this sounds like something you’re ready to tackle, join my mindset interest list below so I can keep you posted on new content and exclusive offers to support your efforts.

Option 1

8-Week Online Course

This 8-week online course is the ultimate jumpstart to remodeling your mindset. You will challenge and transform the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions you’ve been holding onto about your body, your health issues, and EVERY other aspect of your life. In just 8 weeks, you will think, act, feel, and hold yourself higher than ever before because you will finally be living the life you want to live, sparking the change you want to see, and feeling the way you’ve been hoping to feel.

Option 2

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

In these live intensive 90-minute coaching calls, we dive deep into one specific topic and the mindset shift required to create change. The topics of these calls is centered around diet, body image, food issues, and true health from the inside-out. Each call includes an opportunity for live coaching, course worksheet to ensure you get the most out of the coaching, action item assignments to implement the change into your life, and optional entry into the Empower Intensive Book Club. Calls are held on a monthly basis with implementation breaks built into the schedule.

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