My Keto Travels + The Best Info From The Low Carb Universe Conference — #024

In today’s episode, I am coming to you from my Low Carb Universe Conference experience in the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain! I will go over all that I’ve learned from this amazing experience and you guys can all just pretend that you’re here chatting with me about these great speakers and what we think about all the valuable information that they imparted with us. I absolutely had a blast in the conference and I hope you will too in this episode!


  • How I maintained my ketogenic diet during my travel to Spain
  • What the Low Carb Universe Conference is all about
  • Ivor Cummins’ talk on general health and things going on within the low carb, high fat community
  • How to look for risks of heart disease
  • Stephanie Dodier’s talk on Mastering Your Food Cravings
  • Patricia Daly’s talk on Carb Restriction and Cancer: Where Do We Stand?
  • Dr. Eric Westman’s talk on the history of ketogenic diets
  • Dr. Trudi Deakin’s talk on Discovery Learning Supports People With Diabetes in Restricting Carbohydrate and Finding Their Personal Threshold
  • Why we get such high insulin levels
  • Darryl Edward’s talk on Insulin, Inflammation and Irisin ? the Impact of Physical Inactivity
  • Why the BMI is inaccurate and not a good measure of anything
  • How much we should be exercising per week
  • Sam Feltham’s talk on Creating Change in Public Health and his experiments on overeating
  • Jamie Caporosso’s talk on Potential Advantages to Taking Your Keto Diet Paleo
  • Why having dairy in your diet may not be the best move for your body
  • Emily Maguire’s talk on The Therapeutic Potentials of the Ketogenic Diet ? An Update on Where the Evidence Is At


Sam Feltham’s Experiments on Overeating

What Happens If You Eat 5,800 Calories Daily on an LCHF Diet?  
Is Overeating Carbs Worse Than Overeating on an LCHF Diet?

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