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Untitled design (2)So, you’re ready to be strong, huh?  


Great!  The Health In Strength Workout Program is just what you need to get started.


I created the Health In Strength Program because as a Nutritional Therapist, I see a lot of clients who are dealing with autoimmune diseases, adrenal dysfunction, past eating disorders, majorly depleting GI issues, hormonal imbalances, and other chronic illnesses and symptoms that are leaving them tired, weak, down, frustrated, and confused.  My NTP qualifications give me the knowledge and resources to help them eliminate many of their symptoms and regain health, BUT, I ALSO have the ability and desire to get them moving again because, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have helped many people go from a place of injury, illness, and weakness to a place of strength, agility, and balance.

But, I also get it.  As someone who has battled two autoimmune diseases, severe adrenal dysfunction and hormonal imbalance, and leaky gut, I know how hard it can be to determine what movement is best while you are recovering and working on regaining health.  

I saw such a need for clarity in this holistic health community!  People are CONFUSED!  They want to get strong because they know it will help them feel better and heal, but they don’t want to do too much and make themselves worse.  

This is where the Health In Strength Home Workout Program comes in!  I created this program with YOU in mind.  And because I have been there too, and these types of workouts helped me feel alive, even in my worst of days.  They kept me moving and strong without digging myself into a deeper hole or causing my autoimmune disease to flare up again.

What is it?

A 4-week completely customizable, strength building program! 


Who is it for?

Everyone!  Because of the fully customizable structure and modifications, Health In Strength is great for so many people:

  • Those who are in the midst of a significant health battle and know they need to include light, low intensity movement to aid in their healing journey.
  • Those who are well on their way to full healing and are ready to slowly get back into a regular strength building routine.
  • Those who are in full remission and ready to push themselves.
  • Those who are new to strength training and want to learn the basic moves before heading to the gym.
  • Those who love strength training but need something they can do at home.
  • Those who are strength training experts and just want an alternate routine to do at home. 

How does it work?

The Health In Strength Program is designed to build strength and get you moving in a way that feels good for you.  This includes:

  • 3 weekly full-body resistance training workouts that progress in intensity every week. (dumbbells and resistance bands suggested)
  • 1 day per week to be enjoyable active (whatever that means for YOU) for at least 30 minutes
  • 1 day per week to increase your heart rate with interval training with a guide to make sure rest is appropriate.
  • 1 day per week of a mind/body connection.
  • 1 day per week of complete rest and relaxation.

What else is included?

Besides the strength workouts, this 50+ page E-Book also has:

  • An in-depth form handbook for every single movement complete with pictures.
  • A quick form reference guide on each workout page for easy access. 
  • The top 8 reasons why we need to build strength to get and stay healthy.
  • The 5 cues you need to look for to determine when to take it easy.
  • Free access to one of the best yoga practices by Tera Bucasas of Yoga For Healing.
  • A guide to determine the level of intensity that is right for YOU and your current needs.

Ready to get started?


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