The First and Only Keto Program Designed

Just for women!

The Project is currently closed! Sign up to be notified when enrollment for the next class opens —or— start the Self-Study option right now (learn more below).

A 6-week Meal and Mindset Makeover Project expertly designed to help ladies find their unique expression of the Ketogenic diet safely and effectively.

Our current lifestyles have most of us relying on sugar as fuel. This causes crazy energy dips, moodiness, sudden cravings, and plenty more potentially serious health conditions! But, when we allow our bodies to use fat as fuel we open up a whole new world of effortless health and balance. I’ve helped thousands of women just like you finally get off the diet rollercoaster and reach a place of lasting health.

Maybe You’ve…

  • Been curious about Keto
  • Attempted a Keto lifestyle
  • Felt the high of ketosis

Only To…

  • Feel too intimidated or confused to give it a go
  • Catch a permanent case of Keto Flu
  • Relapse or hit a plateau you can’t get past

Every woman deserves the vibrant life that being a Fat Burning Female brings.

How great would it feel to have an endless supply of energy, going through the day without a midday crash or the tug to reach for the nearest snack? You feel mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and strong. You radiate health, happiness, and confidence. You feel amazing, and it shows.

Sound too good to be true? Think again! This will be you as a Fat Burning Female…in as little as 6 weeks.

And the best part? You’ll finally get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all! This will be the last diet plan, course, or program you’ll ever do because you will come away fully equipped with the clarity, confidence, and freedom around your food choices to continue on with your newfound lifestyle.

You can experience more energy, better moods, and deep healing without deprivation or overwhelm.





Hormonal imbalance


Adrenal fatigue


Low libido


Depression or anxiety


Body weight changes


Irregular or absent menstrual cycles


Blood sugar imbalance


Digestive distress


Mood swings


Achy joints




Autoimmune disorders


Cardiovascular disease




Skin breakouts


Metabolic disorders such as diabetes or insulin resistance


Lack of energy or motivation


Brain fog




Steady, high energy without crashes

Regulated menstrual cycles

Better sleep

No more intense hunger or cravings

Food and diet freedom

Improved digestion

Stronger, more effective workouts

Enhanced mood

Mental clarity and focus

Healthier skin, hair, and nails

Minimal PMS

Better fitting clothes

Over 2,000 women have found liberating health through the Fat Burning Female Project. Now it’s your turn!

The Fat Burning Female Project is right for you if you are ready to heal your body, feel amazing and have effortless health and balance. The FBFP will ease you into a fat burning state with minimal stress for maximum healing. It is the safest and most effective approach to Keto for women.

This course is not for you if you’re:


Interested in Keto as a passing fad


Looking for a restrictive one-size fits all diet formula


Unwilling to give up calorie counting


Only interested in improving your appearance

I can not stress enough—this is not a weight loss program. It’s a health gain program.

Course Curriculum

Prep Materials
  • Welcome & Getting Started
  • PDF: FBFP Cookbook
  • Text: Supplement Guide
  • Text: Grocery Guide
  • Journal Prompt: Setting Your Intentions
Week 1
  • Audio: “Let’s Talk About Fat!” *
  • Video: Introducing The Block Guide Tracking System
  • PDF: Week 1 Block Guide, Food Journal & Meal Planner
  • PDF: Food Reference Guide
  • Text: Real Food 101
Week 2
  • Audio: Finding Your Why *
  • PDF: Week 2 Block Guide, Food Journal & Meal Planner
  • Text: Hormones & Healing
  • Text: The Weight Game
  • LIVE Q&A Call (recorded) *
Week 3
  • Audio: Are You A Fat-Burner? *
  • PDF: Week 3 Block Guide, Food Journal & Meal Planner
  • Video: Testing Ketones
  • Text: The In’s and Out’s of Ketosis
  • PDF: Health In Strength Workout Program *
Week 4
  • Transition & Implementation Week
  • Video: Don’t Freak Out
  • PDF: Week 4 Block Guide, Food Journal & Meal Planner
  • Journal Prompt: Mid-Course Check-In
Week 6
  • Audio: Should You Try Fasting?” *
  • Text: The In’s And Out’s of Fasting
  • Text: Stress-Reduction Techniques
  • Text: How Many Carbs Are Right For You?
  • Text: Long-term Considerations
  • Journal Prompt: Time To Reflect
Week 5
  • Audio: How To Be Intuitive & Feel Awesome *
  • Audio: Self-Love + Self-Acceptance + Body Image *
  • PDF: Guide To Intuitive Eating
  • Text: Books to Compliment Your Journey

* not included in the Self-Study

Are you ready to become a Fat Burning Female?

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Self-Study option and The Project?
The Self-Study is a no-frills, DIY version of the course that provides the jumpstart you need to become a Fat Burning Female right away! If you are someone who just wants the content and to make the transition into ketosis without the desire for support, community, or extra guidance from Shawn, this is the option for you. The best part: you can get started right now.

The Project is a group course with a fixed enrollment period and set start date (October 2019 will be the FINAL group class offering). This option is great for those who prefer a community environment and peer-to-peer support. If you struggle with accountability and/or tend to have oodles of questions, this is your jam. You will have access to a private Facebook group with over 1k supportive Fat Burning Females, 4+ hours of additional audio content, access to a live Q&A session with Shawn (recorded if you can’t make it), and an invitation to attend the FBF retreat.

For those that need extra guidance and individualized support, the VIP option is for you. VIP’s receive two 30-minute private video coaching calls with Shawn, a personalized Fat Burning Female healing protocol, and unlimited communication and support from Shawn via the private VIP forum (during business hours).

Should I do the Self-Study or the Project (group class)?
The Self-Study was created for the lady that KNOWS she won’t need any help, support, or friendship along the way—a total DIYer. If you have a health issue you are working on, not 100% confident in keto choices, need someone to help motivate or encourage you during a change, or just like groups of like-minded women, then The Project is the way to go. If you want even more guidance and individualization, go for the VIP.

How often do the group classes run?
The Project is generally offered four times a year—January, April, July, and October. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, sign up on the FBFP interest list, or listen to the Keto For Women Show to find out the next opportunity to enroll!

*Note: October 2019 will be the FINAL group class option ever.

Can I do the Self-Study and upgrade to the Project when enrollment opens?
Yep! You will be given a coupon code within the Self-Study that will take off the amount you paid for the class at Project checkout.

What’s the difference between the Project and VIP upgrade?
VIP members get two 30-minute live video calls with Shawn. In these calls, you and Shawn will go over your health history and current struggles that are keeping you from feeling your best. You’ll review your daily food journal and other lifestyle factors that may be contributing to how you’re currently feeling.
From there, Shawn will give you detailed actionable steps to take, along with the accountability you need, to get you confidently moving towards your health goals above and beyond the FBFP. Recommendations will include dietary modifications, lifestyle adjustments, and helpful herbal supports.
Got a question? Shawn’s got you! Get a response to your pressing questions within 24 hours with access to the VIP-only online course forum.
Who’s a good candidate for the VIP option?
• If you have tried keto or a similar diet in the past and it hasn’t gone well.
• If you have a pre-existing health issue that you’re hoping keto will heal.
• If you know you do better with extra support and guidance from a professional.
• If you have specific questions about your current situation that you’d like to discuss in detail.

Can I do the FBFP if I live outside of the U.S.?
The information you’ll learn in the course applies to all women world-wide! The only challenge to those located outside of the U.S. will be sourcing similar alternatives to the recommended supplements and products listed in the Grocery Guide. Some products and brands may not be available in your country and will require some sleuthing on your part to find compatible alternatives. The great news is that we’ve had ladies from all over the world complete the FBFP. If you opt to join the group course, you’ll have access to the private Facebook page where you can ask alumni for help and recommendations.

Can I do the FBFP if I am a vegetarian/vegan/picky eater?
Sure can! I don’t believe in meal plans, so the class does not have you eat exactly like any plan someone else provides. All you have to do is meet daily targets, but you can do that using whatever real foods you like.

Can I do the FBFP if I am pregnant/trying to conceive/breastfeeding?
Definitely! Many ladies have successfully gone through the class during this time of life and with great results. The whole class is centered around listening to your body and its needs, so you will be in good hands to learn about your body and how to nourish it appropriately during this important time.

Can I do the FBFP if I will be traveling during the 6 weeks of the class?
So many women have been able to keep up with the class during their travels, so it is definitely very possible! Since there is no set meal plan, it makes it really easy to follow along and not be in a kitchen all day. Plus, the online community will be there to give you tips and ideas to make sure you are prepared.

Can I do the FBFP if I don’t have a gallbladder?
Of course! Keto is great for those without a gallbladder. You may just need to provide a little extra liver support to make sure you are fully digesting your fats. This is something you will be provided in class with extra support along the way.

What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of the course material, no refunds can be provided after the course start.

I purchased the FBFP, but didn’t start with the group. What do I do now?
You have access to the course forever, so you can get started when it’s a better time for you! I would suggest starting with the next group so you can get the benefits of the group format.

I still feel like I need more information.
No problem! I spent the first half of this podcast episode explaining in-depth what to expect; you might find it useful.

What FBF’s Are Saying

This program was AMAZING! I feel so much better than I did prior to starting the program. Everything about the program, including all the information that Shawn provided, the easing in of changing to a fat burner, the support from Shawn and my fellow Fat Burning Females has been health answered, life-changing!


I am loving it!!! Finally, a keto approach that makes sense. Shawn’s guidance makes all the difference. Block System, weekly FAQS, audio support, and of course the super-supportive Facebook Group Community!


I am loving the program. You are very informative and present the science in a way for the lay person to understand. The slow, gentle pace of cutting the carbs is ideal. Eating real food and having some freedom in making choices is amazing and motivating.


This program is super easy to follow. I often fail miserably at these types of program and give up a few days in. The thing that kept me going with the Fat Burning Female Project is how AMAZING I felt. I just felt GOOD. More energetic and positive. And although I wasn’t looking to lose weight, I ended up losing 7 pounds during the first week!


OMG! I am sleeping for the first time in my 51 years of life. Deep sleep with dreams and no getting up to go to the bathroom. The energy I have is amazing as well and my cravings have completely vanished!


I’ve learned so much about portions and ratios without having to continue counting. I feel more balanced and have more energy. And to actually test and see that I’m in Ketosis is like WOW! I’m really doing it and it feels great! Life is good and getting better!


I knew I needed to be keto, but I just kept failing at it. After hearing you on Keto Talk and the Keto for Women podcasts, I knew I need to enroll in the Fat Burning Female Project. My intuition was bang on! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be part of a program the embraces nutritious foods instead of promoting deprivation by restriction. Thank you!


The way the program is structured makes it easy to do while still living life. I don’t feel restricted or like I have to have a “special diet.” When I go out to eat or eat at a friend’s house I can usually find something that works or me. I also appreciate Shawn’s quick response to comments and questions.


The Project is currently closed, but the next enrollment is just around the corner! Sign up to be notified when enrollment for the next class opens or start the Self-Study option now.

As a certified holistic nutritionist and someone that has battled my own health issues with autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, and hormonal imbalance, I know the power and importance of this project firsthand for all of the ladies out there. I will provide the support and guidance you need through this process, ensuring it is safe, effective, and fun!

Shawn Mynar

Fat Burning Female Project Creator and Teacher

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