Change your mind, and your life will follow.

Ditch your negative mindset, squash those limiting beliefs, and quiet the constant chatter in your head so you can finally live the life you desire, spark the change you want to see, and feel better than you ever dreamed possible.

Does this sound like you?


Are you stuck in a negative headspace about your body, health, diet, or just life in general?


Has your pursuit for health or weight loss taken over your life?


Are you spending most of your paycheck on supplements in an attempt to heal your body?


Have you tried every “healing diet” out there but still not experiencing the healthy, happy body you crave?


Were you taught at a young age to strive for weight loss, that dieting was the answer, and that your worth is tied to the size of your body?


Are you waiting for your life to begin once you reach a certain goal?


Is the person you are now not who you want to be?

What if I told you…

That nothing is working—or will ever work—because you’re not in the right mindset.

The thoughts that consume you all day, every day determine what happens within your physical body.

That being physically healthy can’t happen without being mentally and emotionally healthy.

That you can use your thoughts to spark the change you desire in every aspect of your life.


It may be simple, but it sure isn’t easy. Let The Unstuck Project be your guide.

What is the Unstuck Project?

This 8-week online course is your jumpstart to making the mindset shifts necessary to get you UNSTUCK.


Instead of restricting food, we’re restricting harmful stories, thoughts, and beliefs.


Instead of believing the hype of the next fad diet, we’re believing in ourselves.


Instead of falling off the wagon, we’re falling in love with life.


Instead of seeking external opinions, we’re doing more internal trusting.


Instead of starting yet another supplement protocol, we’re starting to love ourselves.

Hey, I’m Shawn!
I’ll be your guide on this mindset journey.

Hey, I’m Shawn! I’ll be your guide on this mindset journey.

I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, holistic health + mindset coach, podcaster, blogger, and an online business boss.


Yep, I was a diet-hopping master. You name it, I tried it. I was obsessed with trying to change my body, convinced that once I did, the magical doors of happiness would open up and the rest of my life would be spent feeling confident, sexy, and beautiful.

Guess what? That didn’t happen. I did achieve that goal body yet I was still unhappy. I continued to want to change my body. Why?

Because I hadn’t done the real work. My body was different, but my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions were still exactly the same.

Then I got sick and gained more weight than I ever had before. I spiraled into a dark place of despair, fear, and hopelessness.

Until, in the midst of a total emotional breakdown one Sunday evening, I had a moment of clarity…

It wasn’t about changing my body; I needed to change my mind.

Since that time over 3 years ago, I’ve worked hard to alter my mindset to one of acceptance, peace, positivity, and joy. It required uncovering the stories, patterns, and beliefs that were keeping me perpetually stuck in a life I didn’t want.

And guess what?! Everything in my life changed. My health drastically improved, my weight stabilized without effort, my new business expanded exponentially, I met the love of my life, I purchased my first home, and so much more. This was all I needed to confirm once and for all that…

it’s all about the mindset.

What you get


4 in-depth video coaching sessions guiding you through the Unstuck Pillars, the guiding framework for shifting your mindset


8 Jumpstart assignments to kickstart your self-exploration each week


16 audio lessons covering the “why” behind what we’re doing


8 tangible mindset Tools to help integrate the course learnings into real life (the “how”)


Weekly journal prompts to guide your practice and encourage further self-exploration


8 guided worksheets: your private workspace for dissecting your belief systems and thought patterns


The Unstuck Calendar for keeping track of your growth and accomplishments


Free access to an Empower Intensive live (or recorded) coaching session of your choice

What You’ll Learn

The Unstuck Pillars:

Weeks 1-2: AWARENESS

Uncovering and understanding the beliefs you hold deep in your subconscious mind, how they got there and how to get them out!

Exhausted by the constant chatter in your head, telling you what to believe, how to live, what to eat, how much weight you need to lose, that you’re not enough, that you’re undeserving? Tired of the constant negativity? Yeah, I was too.

Once you understand where your thoughts are coming from, how they got there, and that you have the power to control them, a whole new world opens up—one where you can harness the power of your thoughts to do, be, and have whatever it is you want.

Weeks 3-4: ALIGNMENT

Raise your vibration to be a match for what you want.

Are you living in a place of fear, hate, doubt, confusion, frustration, or anger? Or, is it more boredom, complacency, and just going through the motions of life on autopilot? Either way, it’s not okay. You have forgotten that you are in complete control of how your life plays out, and right now you are choosing not to live to its fullest.

Your feelings and emotions, just like every other thing on this planet, are made up of energy. The higher the vibration of that energy, the higher the vibration of your life. In other words, think better thoughts, be a better person, live a better life, have better health—you get the idea.

Weeks 5-6: ACTION

Take inspired action instead of mindlessly grinding harder.

Feel like what you want is never going to happen? Do you keep trying harder and harder, but nothing changes? In fact, things just keep getting worse? I have news for you. Effort-ing harder isn’t the answer because you’re so focused on what’s not happening. You can’t attain a healthier, happier body if you spend all day focusing on how terrible you feel, how awful you look, or how hard life is. You have to align your thoughts with what you want!

The good news? You can absolutely get whatever it is you want, and it’s actually quite easy to do—once you learn how to leverage your own power. You can attract into your life exactly what you focus on and put energy towards. It’s science!


Find joy and live your fullest life. Right. Now.

How confidently can you say that you love, respect, appreciate, and accept yourself and your circumstances just as they are right now? Not easy, huh? We’ve been conditioned to destruct ourselves through our minds, making it impossible to move forward.

The only way to get what you want and have it show up as quickly as possible is to be happy anyway. Find as much love, joy, and acceptance as you can in every moment of every day. The best way to do this? Create your fun life! We’ll do just that in The Unstuck Project.

I believe I manifested being introduced to Shawn and the Unstuck Project so that I could heal myself. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is tired of not succeeding at dieting or in any other areas of their life. The tools Shawn gives are sustainable life-long lessons. It’s up to me to practice them daily. And I am 100% worth it!

— Tina

This program is amazing. You say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. I can feel my vibrational energy rising: more gratitude/less frustration, more acceptance/less judgment, more hopeful/less discouraged. Thank you for making it simple (not easy) and straightforward!

— Yvonne

The Unstuck project is amazing! Shawn has skillfully developed a course that can change your life! First you learn how to get rid of the negative energy and the old memories that are keeping you “stuck.” Then you learn how to raise your happiness levels so that you actually become joyful! And this includes bringing joy to others. A smile, a compliment, a small act of kindness. Then their joy becomes yours!

— Barbara

This was the most amazing gift I could have given myself. I am so thankful to Shawn for being in my life.

— Leslie

I’ve done a lot of soul searching, journaling, meditating, and even therapy, but the [course lessons and exercises] uncovered stuff I didn’t even know I was holding onto or was even affecting me!

— Julia

How it works

We’ll spend two weeks focusing on each of the four Unstuck Pillars. Each module kicks off with a detailed video lesson outlining why each mindset principle is critical to the health of your mind, body, and spirit. You will come out of the sessions seeing your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs from a whole new perspective and motivated to start making small shifts.

From there, we’ll dive deeper in each weekly lesson and explore the mindset nitty gritty from all angles. This is where we really, truly get to do the dirty (but really fun, exciting, and uplifting) work implementing what you’ve learned into your own life! Because you cannot make lasting shifts to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions, without taking action and making space for the new.

The 8 weekly focuses are:

Week 1: Your thought investigation.
Week 2: Let that sh*t go.
Week 3: Give (to yourself and others).
Week 4: Be grateful.
Week 5: Ask for what you want.
Week 6: Trust.
Week 7: Create your fun life.
Week 8: Take care of yourself.

Every week comes with your own personal cheerleader: audio guides that will paint a clear picture of where you currently are versus where you want to. After your pump up session, you’ll be beyond ready to get after it and makes some real changes!

From there, you’ll start with your Jumpstart action item to get the thoughts flowing. Next, you’ll focus on the weekly Tool, which integrates the mindset work into your real life. (Because it IS possible.)

By the end of the 8-week course, you will have accumulated a whole suite of mindset tools—16 to be exact—at the ready to pull out whenever you need them. Remember, this work doesn’t stop after 8 weeks; it’s a lifelong practice, and these tools are here to support you whenever you need them.

THIS is the place to let it all out, then clean it up.
THIS is the place to be frustrated and confused, then gain clarity and confidence.
THIS is the place to feel resistance, then be so grateful you did it anyway.
THIS is the place to make forever changes to what’s been holding you back.

Why it works

It works because it’s not about the food, about going on another diet, about trying a new supplement, about joining the gym, or fasting a certain number of hours per day.

It works because it’s healing ALL of you.

You cannot heal a body you hate.
You cannot find balance with an imbalanced mind.
You cannot experience peace with a loud brain.
You cannot outrun emotions that have taken hold deep inside.

Mindset work is required for anything else to work. This is what we’ll do together in The Unstuck Project.

I work with women who…


have tried it all, are still stuck, and have a hunch there’s got to be more to the story.


are done with dieting and want the truth.


are ready to live in a healthy body now regardless of the size.


know there’s something higher at play in this life and are ready to experience it.


know what they want and are willing to push through discomfort to get it.

I don’t work with women who…


aren’t ready to recognize the mental and emotional components playing a role in their stuckness.


just want to try “one last time” to lose the weight with the next quick fix.


aren’t willing to change their lives to get what they want.


refuse to be happy until they look a certain way.


We’ll focus on not just changing the physical body, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

We’ll get you into a life you love NOW.

We’ll raise your vibration so you can attract exactly what you want.

We’ll get you to a place of contentment, excitement, peace and ease—and that is what works.


What will the course be like?

The Unstuck Project is broken into four parts—known as “pillars”—with two weeks spent learning about each pillar. The Pillar modules are kicked off with a 30-minute video lesson (4 video lesson total). From there, the course is broken down week-by-week into different focuses to help implement the pillar into your real life.

Every week comes with two action steps: a Jumpstart to kick off the focus for the week, and a Tool that will help implement change in your real life. Each Jumpstart and Tool has a quick 5-minute audio lesson to make sure you fully understand the importance of each action step. Supplemental support tools like guided worksheets, journal prompts, and a task-tracking calendar are provided as well!

By the end, you will have learned 16 different action steps that get you Unstuck and will know exactly what to do to keep you in a place of high vibe living for the long haul!

Who is The Unstuck Project good for?

The Unstuck Project was created and built for the ladies out there who feel stuck when it comes to their health, body, weight, diet, nagging physical symptoms, or anything else that is keeping them from feeling like themselves.

How is this course taught?

The Unstuck Project is an 8-week mindset course taught 100% online through an organized and easy-to-use learning platform. Shawn will be your coach via video, audio, written lessons, and emails.

How much time is required for this course?

Because this is a course that is intentionally designed to get you to do the work required to make a permanent mindset shift, you can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes per week reviewing the course content (video, audio, written) and at least 10 minutes per day focusing on the assignments (Jumpstarts, Tools, and journal prompts). Everyone’s journey is unique and you may find that you want (and need to) dedicate more time. Of course, the more you do, the better, so if you have the time, please take it!

Here’s a breakdown of estimated time required:

Pillar Video Lessons: 30 minutes every 2 weeks
Jumpstart Audio Lesson: 5 minutes once per week
Jumpstart Worksheet Completion: 30-45 minutes once per week
Tool Audio Lesson: 5 minutes once per week
Tool Integration: 5-30 minutes daily for 8 weeks
Total: 90 minutes – 3 hours per week

I encourage you to consider this investment as much needed self-care time. Your mental and emotional wellbeing requires consistent attention and housekeeping.

What is required to successfully complete this course?
  • The desire to cultivate a healthy mindset
  • A commitment to bettering yourself
  • An open mind and willingness to be completely honest with yourself
  • At least 10 minutes per day to integrate the course learnings into your real life
  • A fresh journal and your favorite pen
  • A computer, tablet or cell phone with a high speed internet connection
  • Access to a printer (Yes, there is a paper component to this online course and you will need to print off supplementary worksheets each week.)
Help! I can’t decide if this course is what I need.

Only you can know that for sure, but what I can tell you is that if you don’t know for sure that you DON’T need it, than it means you probably do. If you have great emotional, mental, and spiritual health, you wouldn’t even be considering The Unstuck Project because you’re already out there living a fun, full, unstuck life! 

If you keep coming back to this page, intrigued, as if it’s calling to you yet you always have an excuse not to pull the trigger (I’m too busy right now, I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, etc.), than you definitely need it. Your ego detests change and would rather suffer comfortably in what’s familiar even if that means staying stuck. Those excuses are coming from a fearful ego. Make sure that, no matter what your decision is, it comes from your intuition and not your ego talking you out of making positive changes.

Will I have access to the course materials once the 8 weeks is over?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course and its offerings to go back through as many times as you need for as long as it exists on the internet.

It’s not uncommon for ladies to review the course materials again and again as life continutes to unfold. Remember, mindset work is a life-long practice and you will likely find yourself in a season of life where you will need to review some or all of the Unstuck lessons.

Periodic mental housekeeping is highly encouraged—make reviewing The Unstuck Project a yearly ritual!

Does this course have a live or group component?

No, it is designed to be a solo course so you can completely focus on YOU. The type of work we do in The Unstuck Project is very unique to each participant and requires a lot of self-reflection and internal digging. Having a group conversation about the class would come with the potential of inhibiting or influencing the individual journey each person has, preventing the growth, change, and positive vibes needed for the teachings to be effective. This is your time to reconnect with YOUR intuition and internal compass without the influence of others.

What is the refund policy?

What you get out of The Unstuck Project is 100% dependent on what you put in. If you watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the lessons, and do the assignments earnestly and don’t find the value, please submit a refund request within 14 days of purchasing the course. We will ask you to turn in your completed Module 1 Jumpstart and Tool assignments as well as verify completion of lessons 1-4 in return for a full refund*.

Due to the nature of the course material, no refunds will be given after 14 days of purchase or without the completion of the requirements within the course.

What if I have more questions?

We’ve got you! Head on over to this form and shoot us your questions.