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The Biggest Secret To Client Attraction [Client Attraction Challenge # 1]

What Happened During My 5-week Podcasting Break — Ep. 166

Have you ever had something really stressful or bad happen, only for you to realize it actually was the best thing that could have happened? I’m willing to be you have. We’ve all had those moments. And This is exactly what happened to me during my 5-week podcasting...


Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Do you have a dream? Like, a kinda scary, may-not-even-be-possible dream life that you excitedly visualize yourself living? I bet many of you are shaking their head “no” right now.     Most of us give up on our dreams as soon as we become adults,...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Debunking self-love + 13 ways to get more of it — Ep. 14

Self-love is non-negotiable to living well and being the person you want to be. It influences everything in your life; your health status, how you take care of yourself, what kind of person you are, your relationships, your career, how you cope with the problems in...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Try THIS instead of a New Year’s resolution — Ep. 13

What kind of mindset podcast would this be if we didn’t talk about resolutions at the start of not only a new year but a new decade?! It is the perfect opportunity to showcase how things aren’t lining up between your conscious mind and your subconscious beliefs! In...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

The 4 steps to cleaning up your headspace — Ep. 12

Isn’t everything just easier to understand when it’s put into a framework?! I agree. That’s why I created my 4-pillar framework to change your mindset, clean up your headspace, and get unstuck. And now I’m breaking down each pillar with you so you can understand where...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Define your values — Ep. 11

When was the last time you thought about your values? Have you ever? If it’s been a while, it’s time to sit down and give it some serious thought. Most of us don’t know our values. We don’t understand what’s actually important to us. Instead, we focus on what our...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Stay stress-free + sane this holiday season (and beyond) — Ep. 10

It’s the holiday episode of Unstuck! While it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it also can be the most stressful, chaotic time of year too. And, it’s often in this season that we let the stress take over, completely forgetting about our self-care and stress...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

You CAN change your limiting beliefs — Ep. 9

Once you’ve done the work to dig to find the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck where you don’t want to be, now what?! What do we do with these false stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long? How do we get rid of them so we can finally get what...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Be happy now. — Ep. 8

Are you 100%, fully, crazy, undeniably happy right now? Not just “good enough” happy, but joyfully happy? There is no better way to raise your vibration, get into alignment, tap into your intuition, and start getting what you want out of life than to be happy now. To...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Let your intuition be your guide — Ep. 7

You know that voice in your head that you can’t seem to quiet down? That constant chatter that’s worrying, stressing, controlling, and...keeping you stuck? That’s your ego, and it’s currently running your show. But, behind that voice, there’s a calmer, gentler,...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Are trapped emotions keeping you stuck? — Ep. 6

When we feel stuck in any area of our life, what we’re really witnessing is stuck energy. And, many times, the root cause of our stuck energy is actually stuck emotion — emotions that get ignored and stuffed instead of felt and processed.  Why do we do that to...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Why do you do what you do? — Ep. 5

Beliefs drive thoughts. Thoughts drive emotions. Emotions drive actions. Have you ever given any real thought into why you think what you think, act the way you act, feel the way you feel? Even more, realizing and see how they’re ALL connected?! Once you spend even a...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Want it? You got it. How to manifest — ep. 4

Do you believe in manifestation? I bet you will by the end of this episode! You truly can be, do and have whatever you want in life when you properly apply the Law of Attraction. While it’s a simple concept, it’s not always easy. There are important steps to follow to...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

How to increase your vibration + Why you need to — ep. 3

You may have heard of vibrational energy before, and you’ve undoubtedly seen it in action, in both your own life and others. Maybe you or someone you know seems always to get “lucky,” whereas others, perhaps you, can’t seem to get out of their streak of “bad luck.”...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Are you stuck? Here are the signs — ep. 2

Feeling stuck? Chances are, the answer is yes, at least in some areas of your life. Maybe things are great in your relationship, but you have “bad luck” when it comes to money. Perhaps your health is excellent, but you’re “unlucky” in love. Or, money flows easily to...

Have a dream —> make it a reality — Ep. 16

Welcome to The Unstuck Podcast! — ep.1

Welcome to The Unstuck Podcast, a “mindset for women” show! This podcast is here because of YOU. Because I see you out there, doing all the “right” things and still feel STUCK not feeling how you want to feel, doing what you want to do, being who you want to be. After...